Ralph Colson, assistant supervisor of physical education in Massachusetts, and one of the best-known track officials in the slate, gives the first annual Bay State League track meet to be held in Norwood tomorrow afternoon his hearty Approval.

Olympic committee member Colson has been endeavoring to have state track rules set up so as to prevent coaches from allowing versatile track athletes to participate in three or more events. About tomorrow’s initial league meet he says, “l am happy to say through the columns of your paper that the Bay State league track meet is the initial step towards providing a new phase of clean, healthful sport and competition, by employing a policy that State Physical Education supervisor Raymond Grayson and myself have been endeavoring to make a standard rule In high school and intercollegiate track, namely, the elimination of the “one man track team’. I would like to say that I am well familiar with the Walpole and Norwood track athlete and feel that coaches Cliff Wheeler and Ed Powers are doing a fine job of instilling such a high order of character and sportsmanship in their boys.”

Over eighty-five track stars from five towns of the Bay state league will compete for a beautiful silver cup tomorrow afternoon at the Norwood Senior high school starting at 1:30 in the first annual Bay State League track meet. Norwood was given the honor of being the pioneer town to sponsor this meet. It promises to be an interesting afternoon. Norwood Coach Clifford Wheeler says that the events will be run off in rapid order to assure hours of continuous and thrilling action. The track will be well-rolled and graded to insure fast clockings.

At the present time, it appears that Walpole and Framingham will battle it out for the top prize, though Framingham appears to be the stronger aggregation. Raymond Procaccini of Walpole and Grassi of Framingham will be two fast boys to watch in the century run.

Louis Jiampietro of Norwood, George Streechon of Walpole, and Gillis of Framingham will undoubtedly provide an interesting race in the 880. Reports are rife that Hubert Katchpole, Dedham’s all-around star is suffering from a slight case of staidness, due to too much competition in baseball and track. Warren Dobson is one of Norwood’s hopes in the running broad jump, having done over 21 feet this year.

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