Miss Edna Phillips Librarian Morrill Memorial Library from 1939-1962 (Colorized by the Norwood Historical Society)
Miss Edna Phillips Librarian Morrill Memorial Library from 1939-1962 (Colorized by the Norwood Historical Society)

Morrill Librarian Placed In Key Position

Miss Edna Phillips, Librarian of the Morrill Memorial Library, has been named chairman of the Public Safety Committee, Division of Health and Social Service In the town’s Civilian. Defense set up, the executive committee announced today.

With the appointment of Miss Phillips, the public safety committee closes the last chairmanship gap In the services. Previously General Manager Francis W. Smith was named the executive lead of the Civilian Defense, replacing one-time general manager William C. Kendrick.

The release of the civilian defense group on the appointment of Miss Phillips reads as follows:

After careful consideration, Miss Edna Phillips, Librarian of the Morrill Memorial Library, has accepted the appointment, by the chairman of the Norwood Committee on Public Safety, of Chairman of the Division of Health and Social Service.

The community Is particularly fortunate in having Miss Phillips accept this important post for not only is she active and alert in her interest in our various activities relating to defense, but she is at .he head of one of the agencies in town which is always in contact with thousands of citizens who are regularly using our library facilities.

In pursuance of her “duties with the Public Safety Committee Miss Phillips will use one of the new fluorescent lighted bulletin boards, which are located on either side just inside the main entrance to the library, to notices and advertising projects of the Public Safety Committee. Miss Phillips will welcome the free use of this facility.

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Department heads, please take notice.

The Public Safety Committee is definitely strengthened by the addition of Miss Phillips to our roll of executives.


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