This Day in Norwood History-January 6, 1948-Fisher Florists Serving Norwood Area Since 1890

Busy at the task of setting the dormant, budded plants into one of the new concrete beds in the greenhouses of Peter R. Fisher and Son, Inc., Florists, are Edward Sullivan (left) and Allyn Fisher. (Staff Photo by Lou Cibotti.)

To exist for almost sixty years is noteworthy for any business — but to “row steadily throughout those many years is the true test of successful achievement.

And so it is with Peter R Fisher and Son, Inc.. Florists who have been serving residents of Norwood and vicinity with competence and dependability. Fisher’s was founded in 1800 by Peter Fisher who was a carnation specialist. Roses became the specialty in 1921 and responsibility for their production is now shared by Stanley R Fisher his son, Allyn, and son-in-law Edward R. Sullivan. The retail end is supervised by Mrs. Stanley R. Fisher, assisted by her daughter, Murial.

Planting is already underway in the huge greenhouses at 6 Washington street, for production at Christmas time in 1948. Seven hundred dormant budded plants have been set into one of the new concrete beds. In addition work has been started on 2500 Manetti root stocks which will be grafted during this month for early spring planting in other concrete beds.

Constant aim of Fisher and Son is to supply the dower-buying public with the finest quality roses that science and diligent effort can produce. To achieve this objective, the plant is being converted to constant water level concrete beds, thus providing year around optimum moisture conditions for quality growth and the newer war-developed insecticides such as DDT, Hexa-ethyltetra-phospate. Fermate and others are being used to combat insect and disease pests.

Flowers are called for on many occasions. Peter Fisher and Son, specialize in floral arrangements, beautifully designed — in perfect taste. A variety of Roses include: Better Times (red). Briarcliff (pink). Yellow Gloria (yellow) and Starlite (white.)

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