Lewis’, 1940

Partitions Mark Off Spacious Grill, Dining Room and Kitchen

Winter weather and the completion of the outside structure of the new Lewis Restaurant on the corner of Cottage and Central Streets have dispersed many of the sidewalk engineers engaged in supervising the erection of the super modern dining spot. But with work progressing rapidly inside, the doors will one day open, catching the public unawares.

With the ‘ glass blocks which form the windows in place as well as the plate glass show windows, interested building enthusiasts are waiting for the installation of the colored glass on the front. This curved glass is turned out by a special process which ‘subjects the glass to a temperature hot enough to bend it to the proper form, yet not hot enough to melt it. It will arrive on the job properly curved and ready for installation.

Large, Light Kitchen

Inside the new restaurant being erected by Arthur Lewis, the floor plan is readily discernible, with partitions rapidly going in place. Entering by the Central Street door the rotunda which will feature a floor mosaic illustrative of Norwood manufactures is outlined with phone booths adjoining. The grill is well underway and the latest decorative designs promise the ultra in a smart setting.

The large dining room fronting on Cottage Street reveals the spaciousness which will be its feature. Powder and rest rooms adjoin it, and stairs lead to the second-floor office. In the dining room rear, two low-ceilinged private dining rooms are marked off, which will connect with a folding door to make possible one large room for a larger party.

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The kitchen as now visible is not alone large lit remarkably light with three enormous windows on its rear wall. In the basement of the building, the fireplace has already been in use in the downstairs party room.

Perhaps most interesting to the amateur engineer at this stage of construction is the maze of pipes providing for air conditioning and heating which weave around the superstructure and the detail of the insulation and soundproofing material being installed before the walls are closed up.