The Cafe Venice, Inc, above, 1084-1088 Washington Street, South Norwood, is a popular local eating and drinking spot. The Cafe Venice specializes in pizza, hot cut of the oven; spaghetti and meat balls, prepared in true Italian style, and sizzling hot T-bone steaks, tender and delicious. Owner of the Cafe Venice is Antonio Lazzero and manager is Tony Guido (Photo by Warren Erîksen)

Could you enjoy any one of these dishes?

Spicy, tasty pizza, hot out of the oven and done to a turn.

Real Italian spaghetti and meatballs, smothered in a tangy sauce.

A thick, sizzling T-bone steak, cooked just the way you want it.

Now that your mouth is watering. we’ll tell you where you can get one or all of these dishes.

The place is the Cafe Venice, Inc., located at 1084-1080 Washington street, South Norwood, a popular eating and drinking establishment since it opened in 1932. Owned by Antonio Lazzaro and managed by Tony Guido, the Cafe Venice also serves other Italian foods, plus chips and of course, your favorite drink.

On the staff are Charles Marathas, chief cook and a World War II veteran, and George Michaels, assistant cook. The Cafe Venice is open seven days a week, from 8:00 a. m. to 12.30.

Manager Tony Guido issues a cordial invitation to you to visit the Cafe Venice soon if you’vc never done so if you’re an old customer he wants you to know he appreciates your patronage and will continue to give good service and quality food and drinks.