This Day In Norwood History-January 22


Founder of Leather Firm Ill Some Time

Had Served in Many Town Offices and in Legislature

F. O. Winslow

Special Dispatch to the Globe

Sat, Jan 23, 1926 – The Boston Globe (Boston, Massachusetts) · Newspapers.com

NORWOOD, Jan 22— , 81, one of the founders of the leather firm, of Winslow Brothers and the first president of the , died this morning at the in Brookline, where he had been under treatment for some time.

Born in the old Winslow homestead in Norwood, March 20, 1844, the youngest of the five sons of , Mr. Winslow had spent practically his entire life in this town and was one of Norwood’s best-known citizens. He was educated in the public schools here and at Phillips Andover Academy, from which he was graduated in 1863. He and his brothers founded the firm of Winslow Brothers, now called Winslow Bros. Smith, but he retired from active business some time ago.

Mr. Winslow always had been prominent in the public life of the town, having served as chairman of the in 1872-73 and on the committee on education in the House of Representatives in 1897, when he represented Norwood in the General Court. For 40 years he had been a member of the executive committee of the Y. M. C. A. of Massachusetts and Rhode Island and for 10 years a member of the . He had been a director of the Everett National Bank in Boston and a trustee of the Peabody estate, through which money was left for the Industrial School for Girls here.

Mr. Winslow was interested in science and the arts and donated a number of pictures to the Congregational Church here, to the public school buildings, and to the Morrill Memorial Library. He had been president of the for the last 43 years.

Mr. Winslow, who was a widower, leaves one daughter, Mrs. George F. Willett of Norwood, and one sister, Mrs. Henrietta Doane of this town.

Funeral services will be held at the Winslow home, 289 Walpole st, on Monday, at 1:30 pm. Burial will be in the family mausoleum in Highland Cemetery.

Winslow mausoleum at Highland cemetery.

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