This Day In Norwood History-August 1, 1902-Old Home Week Recap

Today's article is a recap of the first Old Home Week, held in 1902. The article includes a lengthy speech by Norwood historian and home-builder Milton H. Howard, in which he discusses Aaron Guild and the dedication of the monument to Captain Guild as well as his thoughts on the patriotic spirit of both Norwoodians and Americans. A list of Old Home Week participants was also compiled. During the evening portion of the event, a supper was held at the Universalist Church. Chairman Frank A. Fales delivered a speech and Rev Theon Brown read a poem he had written about returning to his boyhood home. The evening concluded with a historical address by Milton Howard, who used a stereopticon to show portraits of many past and present figures from Norwood and images of places and buildings in Norwood, both old and new. It's quite an interesting read!