LUNCH TIME—Mrs. Catherine Dean, Mrs. Florence Rowe, Bishop Jeremiah F. Minihan and Rt. Rev. Timothy F. O’Leary behind lunch counter at St. Catherine’s School cafeteria serving children. (Eugene McLean Photo)

His Excellency, John A. Volpe, Governor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts has proclaimed the week of January 15-19 as School Lunch Week to emphasize the important role of nutritious school lunches in the development of children’s health. And one of the largest school lunch programs in Massachusetts is at St. Catherine’s School, Norwood.

According to Most Reverend Jeremiah F. Minihan, pastor, an average of 1000 children each day are served nutritious hot lunches in the school cafeteria. Bishop Minihan is very proud of his School Lunch Program as he feels that a school cafeteria is more than just a place to feed hungry youngsters. In his opinion it has other important jobs to do also. It is a classroom for nutrition education. It helps to build good eating habits by teaching the selection of the foods needed each day. It encourages the child to accept all kinds of food.

Each day the lunch served at St. Catherine’s supplies at least one-third of the daily food needs and Is served for only .25 cents. The meal can be served at such a low cost for several reasons. First of all, the school does not try to make a profit. All of the money spent by the child is used for better lunches. Secondly, the Federal and State governments give money and food to help pay for the cost of the lunch.

Finally, the cafeteria at St. Catherine’s is relieved of many normal management costs which are performed by the Rev. George P. Gallivan and supervisory costs assumed without remuneration by the Sisters of St. Joseph who staff the school, and the members of the Mothers Club.

Food service experts who have observed the operation of the cafeteria at St. Catherine’s have not only praised the efficiency of the staff headed by Mr. John Crowley but, as well, have been very much impressed with the unique layout of the food preparation area. The mobility of the many pieces of cooking equipment is a striking feature. Everything possible has been done at this school to insure the service of quality lunches to the children.

Great emphasis has been placed on the development of the School Lunch Program in all Catholic Schools. Rt. Rev. Timothy F. O’Leary, Superintendent, is a strong supporter of President Kennedy in his effort to achieve physical fitness for all American youth. Monsignor O’JLeary feels that the School Lunch Program is a most important element in the accomplishment of this objective.