Among the host of applicants who (locked to the Navy recruiting stations after the holiday season was another Norwood man who signed up for a two year hitch in the regular Navy. He is Roy J. Anderson son of Mr. and Mrs. Gustave Anderson of 13 East Hoyle street.

The new Navy man attended Norwood High School. He enlisted at the Brockton Navy Recruiting Station in the Post Office Building and had the choice of serving for either two, three, four or six years.

Enlistment in the regular Navy lias been made even more attractive to men since the privileges under the GI Bill of Rights have been extended to cover a man’s first enlistment or re-enlistment period in the regular Navy contracted before October, 1046. He may return to civilian life at the, termination of his enlistment, if he so desires, with all the rights providing for education, loans and certain unemployment benefits still Intact.

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