This Day in Norwood History-January 17, 1950-Norwoodites In Germany Enjoy Radio Rendezvous

In the town of Fürstenfeldbruck. Germany, over 4000 miles from Norwood a small colony of Norwood natives, including Col George Lee of Rock street, have banded together in the close bonds of friendship and thus have eased the pangs of homesickness for their native land.

The town of Fürstenfeldbruck is just outside the city of Munich and the establishment of a jet plane base there was the means of bringing the Norwood natives, all members of the armed services, into a close 1 bond of friendship.

Stationed there are Capt. Joseph Bilotta and his family of South Norwood, the Rev. Frederick Adelmann, son of the Norwood postmaster, Henry Karshis, also of South Norwood, and Col. George Lee of Rock Street.

The little group is nearer to home than one would imagine. When they become real homesick and long to hear the voice of a loved one at home, through the facilities of the Armed Services radio hookup. they are connected right with, their homes through the cooperation of Dr. George Wright of Sharon who relays their calls over the telephone from his short-wave radio set.

Last week, Mrs. Elizabeth Karshis, through the radio-hookup, had a long talk with her son Henry over the unique radio-telephone hookup and at her home at 23 Folan avenue in South Norwood. They talked at great length and the reception was very clear.

Dr. Wright, who is an ardent radio fan, delights in relaying the messages to Inc Norwood relatives and the lights can be seen burning late into the night and the early morning hours at his home, 34 Glendale road, Sharon.

Roll of Honor

Roll of Honor

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