Special Ceremonies Planned Week Apart

hncKMkc HüK DEDICATION—Members of the elementary schools building committee Inspect the stage at the Prescott School as they tour the premises In preparation for formal dedication cere* monies. Left to right: Henry W. Diggs, J. Herbert Lindblom, Mrs. Mary Hemman, Channing W. Souther, Jr., and Arthur B. Rodgers. (Ed Fogg Photo)

Plans for the formal exercises marking the dedication of Norwood’s two new elementary schools – the Cleveland and the Prescott – were announced today by the committee.

Arthur B. Rodgers, chairman of the Elementary Schools Building Committee, said that the dedication of the Prescot School located off Neponset and Dean streets will take place on Sunday afternoon, January 25, and the dedication of the Cleveland School, Nichols Street, one week later, February 1.

Dedication Ceremonies At 3 p.m.

The program at each school will be held from 2:30 to 5 p.m. with the dedication ceremonies scheduled for 3 p.m. Each program will be an “Open house” to which the public is invited.

Mr. Rodgers will speak at each program and turn the keys over to the chairman of the School Committee, John J. Cavanaugh, Supt. of Schools Lincoln D. Lynch will also speak. Other town officials, including members of the Board of Selectmen, will be among the special guests at each program. Also participating will be clergymen representing the three faiths.

Guest of honor at the Prescott School dedication will be Lindsey Cleveland of Arlington, son of the late Dr. Frederick A. Cleveland for whom the school is named. Mrs. Charles J. Prescott will make the trip from Canada, weather permitting, to be present at the ceremonies dedicating the Prescott School, in honor of the memory of her late, husband!

Serving with Chairman Rodgers on the Building Committee are Mrs. Mary Hemman, Henry W. Diggs, J. Herbert Lindblom, Channing W. Souther, Jr., and Ernest G. Paciorkowski. A seventh member, Walter E. Dolan, passed away, last November after having served faithfully on the committee for the greater part of the construction period of the two schools.

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Twin Schools Cost $1,437,000

The identical schools, on the opposite sides of the town, were built at a total cost of $1,437,000. The town first appropriated $712,000 for the Cleveland School and $680,000 for the Prescott, and an additional $45,000 was later appropriated at a special town meeting for the Cleveland School.

The schools are one-story structures, each consisting of 14 classrooms, a “cafetorium,” a multi-purpose room, and a gymnasium. Each school is staffed by 14 teachers, a principal, and a secretary. There are also two full-time custodians at each school. The Prescott School, which was the first to open, on November 17, has an enrollment of 394. The Cleveland School, which opened on December 29, has an enrollment of 386.

January 11, 1959 – The Norwood Messenger