This Day In Norwood History-February 26


$15,000 Blaze Damages Community Center of Civic Association—Chimney Blamed

NORWOOD, Feb 26 — A serious fire broke out about 11 o’clock today in the building of the Norwood Civic Association. It was due to a defective chimney and the roof was soon burned away,

While it was on fire a class of 100 boys was in the gymnasium and had just about time to leave. Just then the roof crashed in. No one was hurt.

The building is known as the Community Center and contains two large assembly halls, a gymnasium, the headquarters of the American Legion, Board of Trade rooms, and various offices. In the basement are showers and lockers.

The gymnasium is leased by the town for the use of the Junior and Senior High Schools. This as well as Everett Hall, where town meetings are held, was entirely destroyed.

The Civic Association property, what was formerly the Everett estate, was converted 10 years ago into a Community Center for Norwood, largely through the influence of Geo. F. Willett, and it has been in full use ever since.

The total loss is between $10,000 and $15,000. The whole structure originally cos $30,000.

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