NORWOOD, Feb 24—The new administration building of Norwood Hospital was opened Wednesday for the first time for inspection. About 800 persons were present at the opening exercises. There remain two weeks for visitation by the public.

The new building is the gift of Herbert Mosley Plimpton. Mr. Plimpton has always contributed generously for the advancement of the community. He was one of the main contributors to the hospital building fund two years ago, giving $10,000, as did a few others.

The new building is joined to the main hospital and faces on Washington st. It has two stories and a basement. The basement provides adequate space for storerooms, a large record vault and sewing room for the Women’s Aid.

On the first floor is a large reception room, offices of the superintendent and assistant superintendent, trustees’ room and doctors’ room. The trustees’ room has a rubber tiling floor and walls of California stucco above stained panels.

On the second floor is the superintendents suite, a classroom for the nurses and nine private nurses rooms.

The furnishings of the building have been chosen with an eye to beauty, as well as usefulness. The office furniture Is of colonial design, while the trustees’ room is furnished in home like, yet up-to-date business manner. The committee which chose the furniture was composed of Mrs. Charles Prescott, Mrs. John Dane, Miss Maude Shattuck and Miss Betty Dicke, superintendent of the hospital.

The building committee consisted of John E. Folan, chairman; Richard D. Northrop, Ben Rogers, Dr Arthur S. Hartwell and Phillips Dennett.

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Fri, Feb 24, 1928 – The Boston Globe (Boston, Massachusetts)

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