Quick Work By Firemen Confines Blaze To One Part Of Structure

The quick action of the Norwood Fire Department was credited with preventing damage to the alleys at the Norwood Sport Center which was burned to the extent of an estimated $10,000 Sunday night.

The fire which is believed to have started in the basement, spread upwards to the ceiling but was confined to the front left side of the building.

None of the 10 alleys upstairs was damaged in any way. not even to the extent of being doused with water. As a matter of fact, all the upstairs alleys were being used as early as yesterday afternoon.

Gordon Girling noticed the fire at 6:40 P. M. while working at the Shell gas station located next to the Sport Center at the corner of Broadway and Cottage street. Girling called the Fire Department and then ran to the Center Grille which is located in the Sport Center. The occupants of the Grille tied from the restaurant but later on were safely resuming business and playing host to the Fire Department, serving coffee and food.

After arriving at the Sport Center, the Fire Department poured streams of water into the building and prevented the flames from reaching the alley, although the flames did penetrate the ceiling above the upstairs alleys. The Department was under the direction of Chief Alonzo Earle and Captain Harry Butler.

Included in the $10,000 loss, were five amusement machines. The toilets were ruined and a pinball machine was lost.

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The fire attracted a large number of theatergoers and police were on duty directing traffic away from the scene.

While the Sport Center fire was in progress, an alarm was sounded for a fire at the home of Michael Connolly, 24 Warren street, where a kitchen oil burner became flooded. The Fire Department reported that no damage resulted.

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