Charles Carroll, proprietor of Corroll Radio, 1177-1179 Washington Street, South Norwood, is shown preparing to test a customer’s radio Mr. Carroll, a former Army Signal Corps radio technician, has been.’in business at this location for the past two years. Featuring expert radio repair, with all the latest equipment to do the work properly, plus a large stock of parts and tubes, Mr. Carroll has built up a large roster of satisfied customers in his two years in business. He also sells radios, phonographs, new and used, plus toys and household appliances. (Photo by Warren Eriksen)

With training in the Army Signal Corps and at MIT behind him, Charlie Carroll, proprietor of Carroll Radio, 1177-1179 Washington street. South Norwood, is well-qualified to handle any radio repair problem.

Besides his skill, Mr. Carroll has all the latest equipment Tor proper testing and repair He has a lull stock of new parts, too, plus practically oil types of lubes. Incidentally. he tests tubes-free.

A native of Norwood, Mr. Carroll also sells new and used radios, phonographs, household appliances, and new toys. He is a distributor for Temple, Garod, and National Union radios.

Carroll Radio is open from 9 a. m. to 8 p. m six days a week. Stop in at the store next time you have radio trouble or you’re in the market for another set. You’ll get courteous, helpful, and prompt service.

If you desire, your radio will be picked up. repaired, then delivered