“We buy anything, including junk,” is the slogan of the Norwood Salvage Co, 1199 Washington street, South Norwood. Owner Ben Oppenheim is in the market right now for all kinds of junk … all you’ve got to do is pick up your phone, call NORwocd 2315, and Ben will be at your house or place of business in a |iffy There’s money for you in that there junk; don’t throw it away, let Ben haul it away. The picture above shows part of the Norwood Salvage Co stock of used furniture. in good condition, and priced reasonably Just the thing for furnishing thot summer camp1 (Photo by Worren Eriksen)

When Ben Oppenheim started the Norwood Salvage Co.. 1190 Washington street, South Norwood, last August, just two months after getting out of the Army, he had no idea that his business would grow to the extent it has.

Yes, Ben is going great guns right now. he’s glad to say, and the motto he started out with, “we buy- everything, including junk’ still holds true.

Ben is in the market now. as always. for any and all kinds of junk In other words, lie’ll buy almost anything you might throw away.

All you’ve got to do. to get Ben at your door, is telephone NO 2315 It’s a handy number to remember.

Ben also has a big stock of used furniture in good condition, especially suitable for that summer camp. And now is a good time to make your selections, before the rush starts.

Some of the items Ben has in stock are ice boxes, bureaus, tables, stoves, chairs, cloth rugs. beds, camp healers, gas plates, oil burners. 55-gallon oil tanks, floor and table lamps, kitchen sets, wood stoves, gas stoves, plumbing supplies, playpens and baby carriages.

Ben also has a special lot of 25 used theatre seals, the ‘fold-up* type, with cast iron base, stuffed with cotton, and with leatherette-covered scats and armrests. Sounds like a good deal for someone!