This Day In Norwood History-February 16, 1950-New Eight-Bed Ward Is Opened At Norwood Hospital

NEW HOSPITAL WARD—The old laundry quarters in the basement of the Norwood Hospital have been converted into a modern hospital ward as shown above, space for eight beds.

To meet the increasing demand for accommodations, the Hospital announces the opening of a new eight-bed Ward.

This Ward is located in the area formerly occupied by the laundry and consists of eight adult beds, a diet kitchen, a utility room, and a nursing station. The walls are attractively decorated in a soft shade of green. The flooring is of handsome dark asphalt tile and was laid by workmen from Bird & Son, who very generously donated their services. Much of the construction work and other installations were made by the hospital’s own employees.

It is estimated that at least $2,000 was saved by the use of equipment such as beds, tables, sinks, doors, etc., already owned by the Hospital.

The Ward is now in full operation with every bed occupied. Until such time as the Hospital can proceed with its Building Plan which calls for the addition of 50 beds, this Ward will ease to some extent the increasing demand for beds.

The Morrill Memorial Library will extend its bedside book service to the new ward with Mrs. Thacher Hallet in charge.

(Norwood Messenger, February 16, 1950)

This Day In Norwood History-March 29, 1964-Norwood Looks Forward

This Day In Norwood History-March 29, 1964-Norwood Looks Forward

Norwood, until 1872 a part of Dedham, today appears a town that was built-and divided-by a railroad. But unlike many New England towns that boomed early in the Industrial Revolution and then declined, Norwood has continued to prosper as an…

Intersection at Washington & Winter


The W. Everett Furniture Manufactory. (Norwood Historical Society collection) This intersection has lots going on as far as Norwood History goes. Directly in front of us is the site of Norwood Hospital. Currently, the hospital, which was flooded and damaged…

Winter Street (Walpole St to Lothrop Rich Park)


First Congregational Church (photo LLKearney) First Congregational Church. Originally was the site of the impressive house of Edmund Shattuck and his wife Emma Morrill Shattuck who was the daughter of Morrill Ink Works owner George Morrill. Edmund Shattuck managed the…

Development of the Guild Square Area


1831 Map of South Dedham In 1872, when Norwood was established, the Guild Square area had been settled with homes and businesses for well over a hundred years, although much of the area was undeveloped farmland until the mid-1880s.  Not…

This Day In Norwood History-February 27, 1947-Norwood Hospital Crowded; Baby Sleeps in Drawer

This Day In Norwood History-February 27, 1947-Norwood Hospital Crowded; Baby Sleeps in Drawer

Norwood Hospital’s maternity ward NORWOOD, Feb. 27—A newborn baby had to be placed in a bureau drawer, and three others in incubators instead of bassinets because of overcrowded conditions at Norwood Hospital, its administrator, Robert Brown, disclosed here tonight. The…

History of the Germantown Area


Long before South Dedham became Norwood, there was industry here supported by immigrants from many countries. One of the first industries was the Willard Everett Furniture factory, located approximately where the Lorusso portion of the Norwood Hospital was. Willard Everett…

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