This Day In Norwood History-February 12

Norwood Selectman Olga A. (Ollie) Abdallah (Paul J. Connell Photo)

Wed, Feb 12, 1969 – The Boston Globe (Boston, Massachusetts)

Politics is a family tradition with Miss Olga A. (Ollie) Abdallah, at 24 already a Norwood selectman.

The elected to town office, she defeated four men in a special election on Jan. 20 to fill the unexpired term of her father. John A. (Alee) Abdallah. who died of a heart seizure during the towns Veteran’s Day parade last year.

Miss Abdallah also became one of the town’s top single taxpayers as head of the family-owned businesses, a combination hardware-liquor store and real estate properties.

The old-time general store was founded by her great-grandfather 70 years ago.

At 21, Miss Abdallah was elected the youngest town meeting member and later a library trustee.

Three generations of her family live in the 18-room Georgian home overlooking the South Norwood business district. Her maternal grandmother is Mrs. . Her mother, Mrs. ; younger sister, Helen, 22, a Norwood Junior High teacher, and brother Nicholas, 19, a student at Massasoit Community College, North Abington, are all part of the family business.

Miss Abdallah graduated from Norwood High in 1962 and from Dean Junior College in 1964 with an associate degree in business administration.

Member of St. George Orthodox Church, she is also a fellowship officer and Youth Group supervisor. She is also a member of the Norwood Alumni Assn., Dean Junior College Alumni Assn., Norwood Friends of the Library executive committee, Massachusetts Library Trustees Assn, and the Norwood Professional Women’s Club.

Among her favorites and her reasons: SEASON: Summer — like to sail and all other seasonal Cape Cod sports.

FOOD: Shishkebab.

PERFUME: Shalimar.

FOREIGN LANGUAGE: French and Spanish—and can understand Polish and Lebanese.

HOBBIES: Sailing, horseback riding, tennis and ice skating.

FURNITURE: French Provincial.

FLOWER: Orchids — for sentimental reasons.

WOMAN: Cong. Margaret Heckler.

MAN: Pope John 23d—for his unending efforts to bring peace to the world.

SONG: “Hello, Dolly,” which my friends have personalized to “Hello, Ollie.”

TIME OF DAY: Early morning—exciting to anticipate what the day will bring.

ARTIST: No chance yet to develop this interest

CITY: Boston—a forward-looking city, constantly improving.

SHOPPING AREA: Downtown Boston.

CHARITY: St. George Orthodox Church Building Fund—so much is needed.

ACTRESS: Julie Andrews—for both her acting and singing abilities.

ACTOR: The Richard Burton of “Hamlet” and “Camelot.”

FASHION DESIGNER: St. Laurent, very modern but not extreme.

COLOR: Pink—most flattering to my complexion.

WRITER: F. Scott Fitzgerald, especially his “The Great Gatsby.”

VACATION SPOT: Cape Cod—Martha’s Vineyard and our Buzzards Bay Summer place.

POSSESSION: My ’38 Buick with a rumble seat; I still drive it around town.

SECRET DESIRE: To be an interior decorator.

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