Norwood Women’s Group Set Record In Knitting Over 200 Red Cross Sweaters

Over 200 sweaters completed for the Red Cross this year by adult members of the Norwood Camp Fire Girls Committee and their friends is the enviable record of a group working under the direction of Mrs. Herbert L. Barrett, local Civic chairman of the Camp Fire organization.

The Red Cross has awarded pins for 100 hours of service to ten members: Miss Bettina Jefferson, a Camp Fire Girl and student at Northfield Seminary; Sirs. Herbert L. Barrett; Mrs. Alfred Atwood; Mrs. Walter Blair; Mrs. Charles Dexter; Mrs. Chester Foster; Mrs. Allan Jeerson; Mrs. Leslie Latham; Mrs. John Locke; and Mrs. Gladwin Nead.

Others who have contributed splendidly to the Camp Fire quota are: Mrs. Arthur Allen, Mrs. Howard Babcock, Miss Doris Babcock, Mrs. Nelson Bouchard, Mrs. Edward Carpenter, Miss Verna Carpenter, Mrs. Harlow, Mrs. F. Albert Hayes, Mrs. Dimon Merrill, Mrs. John S. Martin, Mrs. Clifford Sanborn, Mrs. Amelia Smith, Mrs. Marion Watson, Mrs. Sprague and others.

Asked how she had recruited her enthusiastic workers, Mrs. Barrett said she had been knitting last winter for the Civic Committee of the Boston Council of Camp Fire Girls and had asked friends if they would like to take some yarn. The circle of service grew as others from the ranks of the Norwood Camp Fire Committee and interested friends volunteered to help.

The working habits of these ladies are unique in Red Cross knitting centers, Mrs. Barrett explained. Members knit independently and at their own leisure in between other household tasks, rather than meeting regularly with the others at scheduled intervals. Mrs. Barrett herself has made twenty-nine sweaters and keeps one handy upstairs and downstairs. “As time permits/’ she said, “I pick one up and before I know it, it’s done.”

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In addition to knitting sweaters f for men and women, and boys and arid girls, the members of this group made nine “Emergency sweaters” j for our own soldiers in Iceland, requested for completion within a specific time limit. As the articles are completed, they are sent to the Boston Metropolitan Chapter American Red Cross, where they are distributed.

“Give Service” has always been an integral part of the Camp Fire Girls program, but this year not only Camp Fire Girls themselves, but their adult committees as well, have redoubled their efforts in behalf of the Defense project, as this local group’s service testifies.