Dec 30, 1927-The gift of a $50,000 set of carillon bells for the new Memorial Municipal Building was accepted by the town and the name of the donor, Walter F. Tilton, was made known at the special town meeting, held in Everett Hall last evening.

When the article was taken up for consideration, Francis J. Foley, chairman of the Building Committee, gave an interesting and detailed report of the carillon and then made known the name of the donor, whose identity has been a secret for many weeks. The mention of the donor’s name was received with great applause.

Mr. Tilton is president of the Norwood Trust Company, also a member of the firm of Clapp & Tilton. Last year he gained the gratitude of his many employees because of a generous gift to all of them.

After a lengthy discussion, it was voted to appropriate $15,000 for limestone trimming for the tower of the Municipal Memorial Building, to make it conform to the trimming for the rest of the building. Francis J. Foley, George F. Willett, William P. Nickerson, Daniel Slattery, and Thomas B. Mulvehill, spoke in favor. John Mutch stated that he had felt that an additional appropriation for this building was exorbitant, but in view of Mr. Tilton’s magnificent gift, he would at least not vote against the motion made.

Fri, Dec 30, 1927 – 3 · The Boston Globe (Boston, Massachusetts)

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