Police Quickly Quell Riot After Hockey Tilt

1946 – 1947 Norwood Mustangs Hockey Team Kneeling—Cekovich, Anderson, Mgrs.; Curran; Hamlin.
First row—Wall, Connolly, Trusevitch, Seastrand (Capt.), Wall.
Second row—Palmerini. Gearty, Monbouquette, McTernan, McDonough, Ivatts.
Third row—Learnard, Vietze, Fisher.

Seconds after Waltham High had registered a decisive 4-0 triumph over Norwood High in a Bay State League game at the Arena yesterday afternoon, members of the losing team sought revenge with their fists in a ramp leading from the rink.

As the Waltham players were trooping toward their lockerroom through the southeast exit, a pair of Norwood puck-sters, whose dressing room was at the opposite end of the building. followed their conquerors from the ice and began swinging at the startled Watch City Skaters.

These soon were joined by other members of the Norwood squad and scores of schoolboy fans who poured from the grandstand, despite the notes of the National Anthem, which the management played over the public address system in effort to quell the riot.

Police and Ushers Stop Riot

The battle was stopped in a minutes by ushers and police.

No players were injured in the melee, for the Waltham lads, wisely obeying the advice of their coach, refused to retaliate against their attackers.

The postgame activity climaxed, a hard-fought contest that became rough in the final period after Char.ie Metz had scored Waltham s fourth goal. Several Norwood players began massaging their foes with body checks and, following the final bell, Joe Wall and Capt Frank Seastrand launched the attack on the visitors.