Chaplain John D. St. John of Newton and his cousin CpI.John W. Heylin, Norwood, in Italy. (AAF Photo)

15TH AAF IN ITALY — Major John D. St. John, a chaplain from Boston College, Newton, and his cousin, Cpl. John W. Heylin, son of Mr. and Mrs. David J. Heylin, 56 Railroad avenue, Norwood, have had several visits together overseas. They are with the Fifteenth Air Force in Italy.

Chaplain St. John is Senior Catholic Chaplain at the headquarters of the Air Force. A former instructor at Boston College and Holy Cross, he entered the service in April, 1942, and has been overseas since early in 1943, serving in North Africa before coming to Italy a year ago. He is the son of James St. John of Newton.

CpI. Heylin is with the headquarters of a Liberator wing which is part of the Fifteenth Air Force. A graduate of Norwood High School, he was employed by Bird & Son until he entered the service in September, 1942. He has been overseas since last Spring.