NORWOOD, Dec 11—According to figures of the Society for Electrical Research, Norwood Is the leading electrically equipped town in Massachusetts.

Norwood has now almost 99 percent of its dwellings wired for electricity. The exact figures are 98.87 percent.

The exact figures from the office of town accountant James E. Pendergast show that there are 2203 “dwellings’ in Norwood. Of these, only about 25 are not wired. These are mainly old buildings.

An effort will be made to have these older buildings furnished with electric wiring so that this town will within a short time be able to claim that it is 100 percent electrically equipped.

Norwood is about third in New England. one or two small summer cottage developments being 100 percent equipped. as they are entirely new construction.

One reason for Norwood’s modern electrical equipment is that the town furnishes the electric light and power at a low rate to its residents. Supt Fred Barton is in charge of the municipal light plant.

The town is credited also with having the best-lighted main street in New England. Its main street has the newest type of electric lights.

The town also sells current for power and light to several big corporation, notably the Eastern Street Railway, which runs from the Boston line through Norwood to East Walpole.

Due to the fact that Norwood has had the town manager system for more than 12 years, it was one of the first towns in the State to take over the lighting system.

Fri, Dec 11, 1925 – The Boston Globe (Boston, Massachusetts)