Lightning played queer stunts at the home of Frank W. Garland, 693 Pleasant st, during the Storm yesterday. A bolt struck a pear tree in the yard, knocking down Mr. Garland, who stood within about 10 feet of the tree, but not injuring him.

The bolt ran down the tree into the ground, then ran up a grape trellis of 1 1/4 inch pipe, which stood near, and after playing around that ran into the ground again.

There it struck a water pipe, which it followed for 25 feet, up through the sink into Mr Garland s house. As it plowed along it threw the dirt up so violently that it filled the hair and covered the clothes of several young children of Mr Garland and neighbors, who were standing near, but did not injure them. It tore up the sink considerably and then appeared to pass out of the window.

29 Aug 1916, Tue The Boston Globe (Boston, Massachusetts)

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