Hundreds Inspect the Equipment to be Put in Use At Once-

Corner House to be Moved

The new hospital was opened to the public today, with hundreds inspecting the plant. Expressions of surprise were general over the completeness of the equipment. There are about 30 beds, including the nursery and seven private rooms. The men’s ward is on the ground floor, with the reception room and physicians’ offices. The women’s ward, operating room, and private rooms are on the second floor.

The top floor is devoted to maternity cases, a nursery, a private room, and facilities for very sick cases. The patients in the Corner House Hospital are to be moved into the new building at once, and the Corner House itself moved to the south of the new hospital, to be used as living quarters for the staff and administration offices.

Fri, Oct 6, 1916 – 2 · The Boston Globe (Boston, Massachusetts)

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