A complicated instrument developed by 17-year-old Lois Schoppee, Norwood High School senior, for measuring color temperature, won the award of six judges at the Norwood High Science Fair Friday night.

The young lady who took a prize for a blood exhibit last year was not on hand to accept her award, but Everett Learnard, science director of Norwood High, accepted it on her behalf.

Second prize went to 15-year-old Charles Weisul, a sophomore, for his exhibitions of “Hydroponics,” or growing plants in chemicals.

The six judges who awarded prizes to the 30 exhibitors were; Wallace Sawyer of Weston High School; Robert MacCurdy of Watertown High School; Joseph J. Knowles of Stoughton High School; Chester R. Proteroe of Needham High School; Wendell Bennett of Natick High School, and Edwin T. Peterson of Dedham High School.

Attracting considerable attention at the exhibit were several nature exhibits: “Hatching of Moths,” by Richard Mercier; “Digestive System of Woodroach’’ by Charles Mc-Manee; and “The Effect of Grass in the Prevention of Erosion” by Evelyn Johnson.

One of the most colorful exhibits was the “Working Model of an Atom” by 16-year-old Edward Wenstrom Jr., and another which attracted many spectators was entitled “Effects of Acceleration,” by Ferdinand Freda.

19 Apr 1953, Sun The Boston Globe