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UNVEILING PLANNERS; Preliminary plans for the unveiling of. the Norwood Honor Roll on Mothers’ Day, May 9, and the presentation of plaques to the mother of every Norwood serviceman were laid at the meeting of the Honor Roll Committee held last Monday night in Memorial Hall of the Municipal Building Front row, left to right: Mrs. Emma Rowell, Mrs. Mary Simons, Mrs. Louis Parker, Mrs. Georgia Lothrop and Mrs. Bertha Rock. Middle row Gordon Woodberry, William J. Flaherty, Msgr. Joseph Walsh, John E. Folan and Walter Blasenak. Rear row: Rev. Spiridon Dora, Selectmen Clem Riley, Selectmen Harry Butters, chairman; Selectman Charles Holman, Edmund Murphy and Rev. A. G. Rehnstrom. (Photo by Surette)

Indications that the dedication of the Norwood Honor Roll on Mothers’ Day, May 9, would be the largest celebration in Norwood history crystallized today when it was revealed that a committee of forty-three of the community’s most active civic and fraternal personalities had pledged to go all-out to make the dedication a memorable event.

Making up this committee are the five members of the Board of Selectmen, all local clergymen, six members of the original Honor Roll Committee, other school and town officials, and representatives of the local civic and patriotic organizations.


Named by General Chairman Harry B. Butters as Chairman of the live sub-committees into which the general committee was divided are Selectman Charles Holman, whose workers will arrange for the parents or wives of the estimated 1409 Norwood servicemen to receive Individually inscribed plaques as a permanent, token of the pride of the town in the service that its men are doing in the war; Gordon Woodberry Chairman of the Public Safety Committee, who will supervise the policing and protection of the audience; Edmund Murphy, whose committee will be called on to arrange the entire program, with Gov. Saltonstall as principal guest; Caroline Harrison of the Norwood Free Press, who will supervise the publicity; and Rev. Fr. Christopher Griffin, veteran St. Catherine’s Drum Corps Director, who will handle arrangements for the parade.


Provision has been made by the committee that in the event of rain, the festivities will be observed in the Nahatan St. Amory, as permission has already been received from the Adjutant General’s office for use of the building for that purpose.

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Msgr. Walsh has volunteered the services of all six units of the crack St. Catherine’s Drum Corps to give the parade committee a nucleus on which to lay its plans.

The entire committee lists, as announced by Chairman Harry Butters, follow:

PLAQUES: Chairman Charles Holman, Leighton Thompson, and Lincoln D. Lynch.

PROTECTION: Chairman Gordon Woodberry, Douglas Huntoon, Police Chief William Sullivan, Fire Chief Alonzo Earle, Francis Smith, and Sture Nelson.

PROGRAM. Chairman Edmund Murphy, Clem Riley, Bertha Rock, Mary Simons, Emma Rowell, Mrs. Louis Parker, Georgia Lothrop, Patrick O’Neil, John E. Folan, and all members of the clergy.

PUBLICITY: Chairman Caroline Harrison, Lawrence McDavitt, Harry Koralund, Walter Blasenak, and Harry Surette.

PARADE: Chairman Rev. Christopher Griffin, William J. Flaherty, Thomas DeSena, Walter Carter, John Reynolds, Douglas Huntoon, Gordon Woodberry, Daniel Collins, Francis Smith, and John Cochrane.

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