Ousted Norwood Official to Speak Tomorrow

NORWOOD, Oct. 6—William C. Kendrick, suspended town manager, will take to the public platform tomorrow night to defend his stand to the voters, who next Tuesday will decide whether the three Selectmen who ousted him should be recalled from office.

Charging that the three members of the five-man board were delaying his hearing until after the recall election, Kendrick announced today in paid advertisements and posters that he would hold his own public hearing.

Kendrick, town manager for five years, who was suspended from office Sept. 22, has engaged the auditorium of the Junior High School to deliver his defense.

The precedent-breaking election will find the three Selectmen, Representative John Mutch. Sture Nelson, chairman, and Herbert V. Brady, who voted for Kendricks ‘ suspension, facing a Citizens Committee slate. Their opponents will be Charles Houghton, attorney and assistant registrar of the Norfolk County Land Court; John E. Folan, active in civic affairs, and Francis W. Smith, former chairman of the Finance Commission.

Kendrick asserted tonight that he had asked for a hearing on the 11 charges filed against him, in accordance with the provisions of the town charter. He said the three Selectmen who voted for his dismissal apparently do not intend to give him a hearing before the recall election.

The election is expected to bring out the heaviest vote ever seen here.

The charges allege failure to cooperate with various town departments and failure to perform duties in a disinterested and competent manner.

07 Oct 1938, Fri The Boston Globe (Boston, Massachusetts)