1918 Advertisement in Norwood Business Directory for Taylor services in South Norwood.

Abraham Kelly’s Market – 1125 Washington Street

1121 Washington (photo LLKearney)

The 1923 Norwood Business Directory has Abraham Kelly’s Market listed. It was a Five and Ten Cent Store, which was owned and operated by Abraham Deeb. The building that housed this shop had apartments on the upper floors and space for two shops at ground level. On one side was Kelly’s Market and on the other side was a poolroom. South Norwood’s Syrian families shopped for their groceries here, even though there were many choices near by for shopping. Today this location is the home of the Washington Street Mini-Mart

Cushing Dry Goods Store – 1130 Washington Street

1130 Washington (photo LLKearney)

In the 1923 Norwood Business Directory the Cushing Dry Good Store is listed. Located on Washington Street near Dean Street. The Cushings sold good quality clothing. They were the first place to buy dungerees, which became very popular. Mr. (Benjamin) Cushing wore a white shirt, suit, and spectacles and a felt hat with a band. Mr. Cushing had a Jewish newspaper open on the counter. “Hello, Mrs. how are you today? What can I do for you?” Mrs. (Bessie) Cushing made her tea from a hot plate in the back. She wore black. The family was one of the Jewish families in South Norwood, and they were instrumental in establishing the Temple Shaare Tefilah at 935 Washington Street.

1132 Washington – Stanley’s Market (photo LLKearney)

Stanley’ Market – 1132 Washington Street

Established in 1930, this market was owned and operated by Adam William Benkavitch and his wife Janina. Benkavitch was born in Boston in 1913 to Polish immigrant parents, who moved to Norwood sometime before 1920. This Market served the community for over fifty years, and was known for the high quality products they sold. At one time, their kielbasa was dubbed “The best in New England.” Today the building all residential, including the street level where shops had been.

Keegan’s Jewelry Store (photo LLKearney)

Keegan’s Jewelry Store – 1135 Washington Street

The area’s oldest jewelry store, founded in 1951 by George Keegan. Keegan confined to a wheelchair due to polo. He learned watchmaking at the Massachusetts Hospital School in Canton. Originally located across the street at 1144 Washington Street and referred to as “The Norwood Jewelry Store.” The store did not have a sign and was known of by word of mouth. If you needed a watch fixed or a piece of jewelry, you were told to go see “George the Jeweler.” George Keegan passed away in 1995. Today, Keegan’s Jewelry Store is still apart of South Norwood, offering jewelry repair and sales.

Yarmalavitch Dry Goods Store/Butter’s Pharmacy/Brother’s Bakery – 1140 Washington Street

1038 & 1040 Washington (photo LLKearney)

A commercial/residential block built in 1920. Upper floor has apartments. Lower floor was the Dry Goods Store of William & Beatrice Yarmalavitch. In 1923, Teopel Sarapas, shares store with Beatrice Yarmalavitch. Next business in this building was Butters Pharmacy.  Not only did this pharmacy fill prescriptions, and sell medical/health supplies, but people used to get stamps here too. Best of all, the shop had a soda fountain! The branch of the South Norwood Post Office moved here after South End Hardware started selling alcohol. (The Post Office being a federal organization could not be housed in an establishment that sold liquor.) The pharmacy relocated in the 1960s to the Staples Plaza. It became a Rite Aid, then eventually a Walgreen’s. It closed during the pandemic.

Brother’s Bakery, which was owned and operated by John Preto and Tony Martins, took over the site. They were part of the influx of Portuguese who settled in Norwood. Brother’s bakery experienced an explosion in October of 2008. An explosion occurred when a failed pilot light ignited. The explosion blew out all the windows, but did little damage to the interior. However, one employee was injured. Brothers’ Bakery was known for the wonderful bread they made, and they delivered directly to homes. People could also buy fresh dough from the bakery to make home made pizza. The wonderful smells coming from the bakery often tempted passers-by to step inside the shop and buy a tasty treat. Brother’s Bakery made the Holy Bread for many years for St. George Orthodox Church. The Very Rev. Nifon Abraham asked if they could make the Holy Bread for Services. Khouriyee Afefee showed them how to make the bread and use the Holy Seal. Every Saturday they delivered the fresh bread for Holy Communion, which was greatly appreciated by the parishioners for services. Today the building is the home to New England Central Bakery.

1144 Washington.George the Jeweler ]’s original shop was on the far left. (photo LLKearney)

George the Jeweler (now Keegan’s Jewelers) original site – 1144 Washington Street

Colonial Coffee Shop – 1147 Washington Street (corner of Washington & Weld)

1145 & 1147 Washington (photo LLKearney)

This Coffee Shop opened Circa 1963, and was run by George & Delores Elias. The coffee shop was a favorite of South Norwood residents for over 20 years.

Stanley’s Market/Norwood Banking and Trust Company – 1136 Washington Street

Stanley’s Market/Norwood Banking and Trust Company – 1136 Washington Street It appears this building is either gone or has been renumbered. For many years Stanley Vasiliouskas owned and operated a store here. In 1923 he owned South Norwood Paint & Hardware, Co. In the 1942 Norwood Business Directory he was listed as having running Stanley’s Market a grocery store here. In the 1950s the Norwood Bank had a branch here, which was robbed on September 13, 1951 by two hooded men. The robbers told Selma Elias Kalliel, a customer in the Bank at the time, to “Sit down or I’ll shoot you.” They escaped with $12,790 in a stolen car, which was later recovered in Milton. This was the fourth bank robbery in the greater Boston area – Banks in Newton, Newtonville and Waltham had also been robbed. It was believed to be the work of a gang and the FBI was called in to help catch these robbers.

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