Norwood Star Market Opening, April 1958

The Norwood Star Market opened it’s doors on April 9th, 1958. The building has been expanded several times and is now Shaw’s supermarket.

Hiring for the Norwood Star Market began shortly before the April 9th opening date. This ad appeared in the Boston Globe on April 6th 1958.
The opening was a major event for the town. The Town Manager Walter Blasenak, Chairman of the Norwood Board of Selectmen Harry Butters, Police Chief Mark Folan and Fire Chief Harry Butler joined new Star market manager Summer Goldman for the ribbon cutting ceremony.
Two days before the opening on April 7 1958, a full page ad for the new Norwood Star Market appeared in the Globe. With Norwood adding new housing developments throughout the 1950’s, a large centrally located supermarket was an important addition to town.
This full ad appeared in the Boston Globe on April 16th, 1958, a week after the opening, to promote all the new things the Norwood Star Market could offer a 1950’s family. “It truly has everything!”
Almost a month after the opening, this smaller ad ran on May 1st, 1958 in the Boston Globe.

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