The personal visit of Red Sox Star Chuck Shilling highlighted the Sports Night which wound up the 1961 season of the Norwood Little League at the Junior High School last Thursday. Henry Pascoe has been named president for the 1962 season, succeeding George Obuchon, who was LL president for the past two years.

More than 700, including 200 adults, attended the Sports Night.

Several Disney cartoons were shown at the beginning of the evening followed by accordion selections by 13-year-old Paula Pascoe.

Chairman Janies J. Drum-mey of the Board of Selectmen reminded those present of the value of the Little League to the Town of Norwood and offered his assistance, both as a resident and as a Town official, in future efforts of the league. He urged other Town officials to do the same.

Dr. Philip O. Coakley, Superintendent of Schools, praised the Little League, pointing out that the children are fortunate to have the opportunity to enter into sports organized especially for them. He thanked the league officials for their efforts toward making the league the success that it is.

Next introduced was Senator George Sullivan, who thanked all those connected with the league for giving their time to these youngsters and said the youngsters should be grateful for the opportunity they have in playing ball. He also praised those receiving trophies.

Art Gulla, new football coach at Norwood High was then given a great ovation as he was introduced. Art gave a stirring speech expressing to the Little Leaguers that they must not stop with Little League in sports, but should continue on in Babe Ruth and other forms of sports activities in the coming years. He said this should be true in all pursuits of life.

Then, the Star of the night was introduced. Chuck Schilling of the Red Sox, was given a thundering ovation as the Little Leaguers cheered loudly. Chuck said it wasn’t long ago when he was in the audience as a youngster. Chuck praised Little League and said that Norwood Little League certainly was a credit to baseball. He wished President Henry Pascoe luck in the future. Chuck then said he would answer any questions asked him.

Would Babe Ruth’s record be broken?

“Maris has a good chance ” Did you ever play football? “No but I would like to. I am too light.”

How many home runs have you hit?

““Four. Twice as many as last year ”

Who is the best pitcher in the American League?

“Don Schwall — reason, small park to pitch in.”

Who is best outfielder in American League’

“All around, Mickey Mantle. Fielder, Jim Piersail.”

Who was best pitcher he ever faced?

“Dick Donovan of Washington.”

How many errors had he made?

“Six. Record Is seven for fewest.”

Would he play for Red Sox next year?

“I hope so.”

Who is his favorite movie star’

“Maureen O’Hara.”

Chuck, after answering these and many more questions said he would be glad to give out the trophies. There were over 100 trophies given out. They were really beautifully displayed and certainly were richly deserved. The boys receiving the awards, shook hands with Chuck, and they were thrilled.
After the trophies, the final feature was Uno the Clown, who performed his act of clowning and magic.

The Sports Night Committee included: Frank Wall, Chairman; Dick Wenstrom, Henry Pascoe, President; Mert Keller, Bob Ivatts, Guy Dinoz-zi, and Bob Cook.

A moment of silence was observed in memory of Joe Welch, former Little League Manager, recently deceased.

During the evening the officers of Little League were introduced. They are. Past President George Obuchon; President Henry Pascoe; American League President, Mert Keller; Players Agent, Dick Wenstrom; Minor League Commissioner Norman Greene; Treasurer, Bill Phipps; George Shackley Executive Bd.; Bob Ivatts, Past President; Bob English, Equipment Manager; and last but not least Mrs. Leona Pascoe, secretary, who did a great job this year. Mrs. Pascoe gave birth to a baby girl last week at Norwood Hospital and was unable to be present at the Sports Night.

During the evening many prizes were awarded The winners were: Frank Eppich, $5.00 certificate, Brandy’s Shoe Store; Paul Carr, Hockey Stick; Pete Maine, Hockey Stick; Steve Gaetani, Football; Jack Collins, $5.00 certificate, Brandy’s Shoe Store; Steve Bonham, $5.00 certificate, Brandy’s Shoe Store; Jerry Sansone, Basketball; Walter O’Connell, Football; Don Reddick, Hockey Stick; Chris Mullen, Hockey Stick; Bob Naughton, Basketball; Richard McColgan, Baseball; Dave O’Conner, Baseball.

Special thanks go to Charlie Saraca, manager of the White Sox and owner of Brandy’s Shoe Store, Walpole, for his generous gifts.
The following Little Leaguers were awarded trophies:

1961 8-Year-Old Champs, St. Paul — Joe Bird, Steve Brown, David Cignoni, Brian Donelan, David Dynam, Steve Fleury, Paul Hartnett, Butch Keefe, Carlton Monaco, Rick Monaco, Bill Porcello, Joe Porcello, Westley Rickard, Peter Sarnie, Rick Soper, Steve Solomon, Steve Yankum, Bat Boy—Pat McDonough, Manager — Mel Brown, Coach—Paul Hartnett, Coach—Sal Monaco, Coach — Harry Porcello.

19G1 Pacific Coast Minor League Winners, Montreal — Robert Baker, Stanley Bonham, Steven Brickley, John De-celle. Alexander Demers, Dennis Donavan, Steven Edmunds, Doug Fisher, Robert Light-izer, Robert Murphy, Robert Antosca, Steven Quist, Richard Robbins, Steven Rose, Phillip Strauss, William Strauss, David Sullivan, Robert Sweeney, Allen Thomas, Richard West, Manager—Robert Reed, Coach—Bill Strauss.

1961 Tranavitch Trophy Winner, International Minor League Champs, Chiefs—Donald Amerault, Robert Brown, Daniel Cashman, Mark Flain, Steven Gaetani, Gerry Green-an, Ronald Greenan, James Hastings, Thomas McGahan, Robert McHugh, Leo McInerney, Kenneth Megan, Christopher Moore, Dennis O’Brien, Gordon Reddick, Kenneth Reddick, Walter Siderwicz, Steven Smith, Eric Tangstrom, David Udden, Richard Udden, Manager—John Reddick.

1961 National League Winners — Braves (3rd straight Pennant to retire Trophy) — John Baxter, Michael Bradley, Donald Heylin, Ted Pieri, Russell Tobin, Peter Berroni, Kevin Donelan, Edward Fra-her, Mark Schiano, Dennis Tobin, Richard Wall, Gregory Ellis, Arthur Harris, Gerard McDermott, Peter Tamulonis, Manager—Frank Wal), Coach —Robert Ivatts, Coach—John Koval.
1961 American League Winners and Town Champs, Indians — Tyrone Bourginon, Jack Collins, James Dixon, Barry Dorion, Richard Roche, Joseph Rukstalis, Kevin Tier-non, Theodore Bourginon, Jack Cronin, Steve Donovan, Robert Durbin, Steve O’Brien, Gerry Sullivan, Robert Rukstalis, Gerald McTernan, Manager-Robert Paquette, Coach — Edmund Tamulonis, Coach — John Cronin.
1961 ALL-STARS — American League: Joseph Araby, Anthony Billota, Theodore Bourginon, Tyrone Bourginon, Michael Bohan, John Cronin, Keith Delile, James Dixon, Robert Fleury, Richard Graham, Dennis Hebner, Richard Keller, Edward Lynch, Peter O’Beirne, Mario Ranalli, Jr., Thomas Shea, Manager — Robert Paquette, Coach —



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