Left to Right—Sergeant John J. Murphy, Metropolitan Police; Patrolman Cornelius C. Murphy, Norwood; Patrolman Timothy C. Murphy, Boston; Special Officer James E. Murphy.

NORWOOD, Oct 5—It is not often that four brothers are found in the Police force, In active service. Such, however, is the case with four of the sons of James M. and the late Johanna Murphy of Norwood, all of whom were born, educated and brought up in Norwood.

Sergeant John J. Murphy of the Metropolitan Park Police was formerly a shipper at the Norwood Press and afterward in the same capacity at Ginn & Co in Cambridge. He was appointed to the Metropolitan Park Police in May, his first assignment being at the Blue Hill Reservation. He was promoted to be sergeant in January 1911. He was one of the four sergeants who went with the Metropolitan Park Police to Lawrence during the strike there last Winter. He plays second base on the ball nine of the Metropolitan Police.

Sergeant Murphy is 5 feet 11 in height and weighs 210 pounds. He is a member of Mt Pleasant Council, K. of C. He is married and Ilves at 101 Wachusett st. Jamaica Plain.

Patrolman Timothy C. Murphy of Station 16. Back Bay. has only recently been transferred to that station from Station 4, at Lagrange st. After finishing school he worked as a bookbinder at the Norwood Press, then entered the United States Navy, and served four years. Part of his service was in the Spanish War, and he also was on President Roosevelt’s yacht- He had quite a reputation as a boxer in the Navy. When his enlistment expired he was rated as a coxswain.

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He is known as the “Boston poet policeman.” for he writes poetry of a high order of merit, and a poem of his appeared in a recent issue of the Pilot. He is a member of the Spanish War Veterans and of Mt Pleasant Council. K. of C. He Is 5 feet 9 inches in height and weighs about 200 pounds. He is married and lives at 72 Day St. Jamaica Plain.

Officer James E. Murphy Is a special police officer in a theatre in Roxbury. He worked in the Norwood Press as a bookbinder and afterward was in the Insurance business. He was formerly greatly interested in wrestling and brought out noted wrestling stars.

Special officer Murphy is 5 feet 10 inches in height and weighs 220 pounds. He belongs to Norwood Council. K. of C., is unmarried and lives at 11 Hillside St, Roxbury.

Patrolman Cornelius C. Murphy of the Norwood Police Department, after leaving school, was employed for 18 years as an Iron molder in the Plimpton foundry. He took up police work in July, 1911, and served as a provisionally appointed officer for nearly a year. On May 27, 1912, he was appointed a regular patrolman of the force from a list of Civil Service candidates.

His beat at the lower end of the town brings him to the section occupied by 28 different nationalities, mostly of European birth, and all of them like and respect Officer Murphy.

Officer Murphy is a member of the Norwood Council. K. of C., and an honorary member of the Iron Molders Union. He was for many years prominent in the work of the St. Catherine’s Total Abstinence and Literary Society and was Its president for several terms. He is 5 feet 7 1/2 inches in height and weighs 180 pounds. He is unmarried and lives at 525 Washington St. Norwood.

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James M. Murphy, the father of the four policemen, owns a home on Walnut Av. He came to Norwood in 1870 and was employed by Winslow Bros & Smith Co for several years, but is now in the teaming business. He is well known and highly regarded by many friends.

There are two other brothers in this Murphy family. Eugene L. Murphy lives in Norwood, but is away much of the time as National Organizer of the International Molders’ Union of North America.

Dennis T. Murphy is inspector in the Water Department in Norwood. There are also 2 sisters. Mrs. Philip Abely and Mrs. James O’Kane, both of Norwood.