Market and Central Street Relocation

This September 1910 plan of ’s shows a very different area than we recognize today. At that time, ran from to , then turned diagonally Westward toward street, cutting across the current Common and ending close to the present- intersection of Cottage and .

This July 5, plan shows Central street at the center in it’s original location between and . Today the street would have passed through the behind the current , exiting onto st near the Diner.

In July of 1922 plans were underway for major changes.

The proposed new ( Park) is shown on this October 25, 1924 plan. A new street (“Proposed street”) would connect Market and Central street, and a new, wider extension of Cottage street would run East to Broadway. Nahatan street would be widended between Washington and Broadway, and Washington would be widended between Nahatan and Cottage . There are parking spots on Cottage, Central and Nahatan streets today, and a cab stand and room for the bus to pull over on Washington street because of this widining.

Central street no longer ran straight through to Nahatan, but would curve to meet the Cottage street extension.

Eventually, the name “Market street” was dropped and the street became Central street from Old Parish Cemetery to Square.

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