Warren S. Hoyle, 209 Winslow Avenue, Norwood, and Patrick J. Harney, 23 Nahatan Street, Norwood, joined the rapidly expanding ranks of the United States Coast Guard Reserve on September 18th and were sworn in at special induction ceremonies held at the Coast Guard Recruiting Office at 70 State Street, Boston.

P.F.C. Erwin R. Bragg has returned to his station in North Carolina after spending a five-day furlough with his parents on Prospect Street.

James Porter of the R.C.AF., Montreal, is spending this week with his parents at 61 Washington Street, Norwood. With him is his friend, Andy Anderson of Montreal, who signed up on the same days with Porter in the R.C.A.F.

Sgt. Francis B. Morrison is spending a few days at his home on Douglas Circle, prior to his departure to Fort Benning, GA where he will pursue the Infantry Officers’ Candidate course.

Carroll Robbins left Tuesday as an enlistee in the United States Navy. He entered the service as a Seaman Second Class.

Carroll, a graduate of Norwood High, was a student at Massachusetts State College last year.

Edward McKelvey and Henry J. McCuen are home on a three-week furlough after completing! training at the U. S. Naval Training Station, Newport.
After their furloughs, Edward will go to a Naval school in Tennessee while Henry goes to one in Oklahoma.

Three letters and a packet of scenes of Camp Blanding, Florida, were received at the Free Press this week from Pvt John Kalis, just returned to the Florida station from a furlough in Norwood.

He reports seeing Harpo Marx and Hollywood Revue at a USO Club and attending a USO dance. Enclosed with one letter was the printed program for the week of the Starke, Florida, USO listed among activities for servicemen are dances, special music and group singing, feature movies, symphony hour, bowling for Army wives, a hobby night with clay modeling and leather work, informal classical records concert, swim and picnic for Army wives, bowling tourney for servicemen, movie shorts and bingo party, a craft hour and photography group meetings with professional instruction, Spanish class and discussion club, bridge instruction, dancing instruction, a bridge’ party.

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Florida heat, Kalis says, is terrific and makes the two hours swimming called for by the training program a welcome interlude in the day. the one thing he finds wrong with Army life is not enough letters from the hometown.

He says: “The friends and folks back home continue in their everyday routine of life and do not realize that the days and weeks go by. The most important part of our everyday life is the mail calls. If the “Sarg” calls “That’s all for today” and there isn’t a letter Pvt. Kalis says, “We get an empty feeling inside as though everyone has forgotten us in service”.

So write everyday to one of the boys whether you are good friends or just acquaintances.

(All articles originally published in the Norwood Messenger)


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