Frederick Deeb, son of Mrs. Esther Deeb, was among the fifty-seven boys inducted into the Marines at the Metropolitan Theatre on September 14th during Dorothy Lamour’s bond sale and at the premiere of the Wake Island picture. Graduate of Norwood High In 1940 and a former Berwick and Smith employee, Deeb Is now at Paris Island.

Frederick’s mother tells us that Eddie Mike is in the north of Ireland (as per Rog Flaherty some weeks ago) and Freddy Deeb and Louie Elias have just been heard from in England. She had a card this week from Ralph Abbott in New Caledonia.

The Ladies Society of St George’s Syrian Church keeps in constant touch with all the Syrian boys In the service. Every six weeks, boxes go out to the boys wherever they may be located. When Mrs. Deeb was in the office this week Monday, she had twelve dollars worth of cigarettes, hard candies, gum and chocolate bars which she had just purchased for the overseas Christmas boxes.

The Society has sent Fannie Farmer candy, or a basket of dried fruits, or the cigarettes, candy, and gum. There are 31 boys on the list. Every Society member contributes 25c a month toward the boxes.

With the boxes, Mrs. Deeb sends along a letter and she constantly is hearing from all the boys, and their letters are read at the Society meetings. In New Caledonia, the boys particularly want cigarettes. One boy wrote and asked for some shampoo. The Society tries to fill all the servicemen’s wishes.

In addition to these boxes and letters, St George’s Church has bought a $25 bond in the name of every one of the 31 boys.

Charles F. Briggs, 21, son of Mrs. Maude E. Briggs of 22 Reed Avenue, Westwood, graduate of Westwood High In 1938, was among a group of young men enlisting as-a. naval Aviation Cadet at the Navy’s Flight Selection Board, 150 Causeway Street, Boston, on Tuesday afternoon.

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Pvt Konstantin V, Dargwonis, former Worthy President of the Fraternal Order of Eagles, Aerie, 1822, sends along a card from Camp Stoneham, California. “I am out here on active duty as a member of the Army,” he says.

Pvt Dargwonis address is: United States Army C C,,374 Port Bn. T. C., Camp Stoneham, California.

In this week’s mail also was a card from Cadet Paul R. Grokest, U.SNJL, who says he’s finished twelve weeks at the U.S. Navy Pre-Flight School, Chapel Hill, North Carolina. With the Card from Fort Bragg, North Carolina, Cadet Grokocit says: “Spending a few days here as guest of Army. Reviewing tanks and paratroops before a short trip home to Norwood and then my flying base.”

Qeorge Farnham, Jr. of Lenox Street, graduate of Norwood High in 1941 and employee of the First National in South Norwood, left this week Tuesday for United States Navy training. Member of the ‘Musicmakers orchestra and proficient with both the trumpet and trombone, George is hoping he may be able to play with the Navy Band.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Ross of 117 East Cross Street have received word from their oldest son, David A., who recently enlisted in the U. S. Navy. He is now training at Newport, Rhode Island as an apprentice seaman.

Mr. and ’Mrs. Ross have two other sons who are serving their country- Douglas enlisted in the. U.S. Coast Guard this year and Kenneth was inducted in the Army in the spring.

Austin James Bailey, Jr.; 91 Hillview road, Islington, graduate of Norwood. High and Northeastern University, is among 57 New England youths who have successfully completed the joint Navy CAA primary flight training program and have arrived at the Navy’s Fre Flight School, Chapel Hill, North Carolina.
The Cadets will take a three-month course in physical conditioning, military drill, and theory of flight studies at the school located on the campus of the University of North Carolina.

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Roger Williams of Winslow Avenue has just returned to Newport, Rhode Island after a week’s furlough. Williams has a rating of 3rd Class Petty Officer in the U. S. Navy.

Recently inducted from the Norwood Draft District were the following Norwood boys:
Ä. Thomas, Henry J. Richards, D. Alexander, John J. Cavanaugh, John W. Heylin, Peter F. Misken, George F. Butler, John W. Franks, Ray F. Kinney, John A Stupak Jr., Victor Zilaitis, Albin E. Mattson, William J- Cobb, James S. Salnfon, Jr., Joseph M. Concannon, Charles W. Sustavige, Mark McDonnell, Cafiero Ciancarelli, Wilfred E. O’Connell, Michael E. Minkavitch, James R. Donovan, Curtis F. Day, Bernard F. Johnson, Philip H. McCartin, Jr., Michael J. Barrett,
Ralph E. Tinkham, James P. Ready, Angelo Redraws, Erling H. Henrikson, John E. Curran, Chester F. Stahevich, Carl F. Donovan, Frederick E. Eppich, Daniel F. White, John A. Taylor, Walter J. Phalen, Walter Twirigs, Ralph N. Parker, Onni P. Lamminen, Walter C. Bennett.

Forward Names For Honor Roll

Families of men who have enlisted In the armed forces of the United. States are reminded that they have one more week in which to forward the names of their boys for the Norwood Honor Roll.

The name, home address, place of enlistment and time of enlistment should be sent to the Honor Roll Committee, Information Room, Municipal Building, Norwood. A penny postcard will do to give the Information.

The Honor Boll committee. appointed by selectmen, has some 1,000 names collected now. But the only way it can know about men who have enlisted Is to have families forward the committee the names.

(All articles originally published in the Norwood Messenger)


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