George Bird: Husband and Father

George Bird had to have been a young man who was very intelligent, a fast learner, a hard worker and someone who was driven to succeed. In a few short years he had gone from a kid from Maine with very little, to an owner and a partner of a paper mill. It is possible these were the qualities that originally attracted George’s business partners to him. How George Bird met his business partners is not known, as he was living in Milton and his partners were from Needham. It is highly likely his business partners thought it would be an excellent investment to build a paper mill to Needham. Josiah Newell (gentleman), Jonathan Ellis (housewright/merchant) and George Fisher (inn keeper) were not millers and needed a partner who could build a paper manufacturing company from a gristmill, and George Bird had the skills they needed.

George’s business partners were not only Needham neighbors, but they were also related. Josiah Newell was Jonathan Ellis’ uncle and father-in-law, and George Fisher was the husband of Betsey Ellis a first cousin to Jonathan Ellis. When George Bird married Martha Newell on September 18, 1798, Josiah Newell became his father-in-law. Records of where George and Martha’s children were born, also reflect where George was working at that time. His first child, George was born 1799 in Needham, his next three children Hannah W. (1801), Josiah N, (1803) and Samuel J (1805) were born in Dorchester, and his last four children Martha (1808) Frank (1810), Julia (1812) and Elizabeth (1814) were born in Dedham.

Door to Bird Tomb, Old Parish Cemetery, Norwood, MA (photo by LLKearney)

George Bird, born 25 Aug 1770 Cushing, ME and died 20 Aug 1853 Walpole, MA. Married 18 Sept 1798 Martha Newell in Needham, MA. She was born 22 Jan 1772 in Dover, MA and died 24 Sept 1852 in Walpole, MA. She was the daughter of Josiah Newell and Hannah Whiting.

            Children of George Bird and Martha Newell are:

I. George Bird, born 6 Jun 1799 in Needham, baptized 25 Aug 1799 in Needham and died in Zanesville, OH. He married Eliza Newell Ellis 20 Oct 1822 in Walpole. She was born 1797 in Boston and died 25 Dec 1869 in Newton, MA. She was the daughter of Jonathan Ellis and Hannah Newell. (George and Hannah were first cousins; their mothers were sisters)

       Children of George Bird and Eliza Ellis are:

  1. George Montgomery Bird, born 1824 Dedham; died 1902 Boston. He married (1) Elvira Morse and (2) Sarah F. Curtis 1858 in Boston.
  2. Francis William Bird, born 1826 Dedham; died 6 Aug 1868 Boston, MA. He married Emma J. Bird in 1857 (first cousins) (five children)
  3. Caroline Elizabeth E. Bird, born 1829 Walpole; died May 1839 Needham/Boston

II. Hannah Whiting Bird, born 1801 Dorchester, baptized 18 Oct 1801 in Needham, and died 18 Nov 1827 South Dedham. She married 14 Feb 1825 Jabez Morse in South Dedham. He was born 10 Jun 1797 in South Dedham and died 22 Sept 1831 in South Dedham. He was the son of John Morse and Mary Lewis. (no issue)

III. Josiah Newell Bird, born 26 June 1803 in Dorchester; baptized 21 Aug 1803 in Needham and died 24 Mar 1866 in Somerville. He married 20 Oct 1822 Martha Brigham Dean in South Dedham, MA. She was born 25 Jul 1806 in South Dedham and died 13 Jan 1885 in Boston, MA and was the daughter of Ebenezer Dean and Lois Morse.

      Children of Josiah Bird and Martha Dean are:

  1. Martha Newell Bird, 17 Apr 1823 East Walpole; died 14 Dec 1913 Brookline, MA. She married Hiram Dunbar.
  2. Hannah Elizabeth Bird, bpt. 24 May 1831 East Walpole; died 5 Aug 1868 Boston, MA. Married Garrett Schenck.
  3. Frances Rebecca Bird, born 23 Oct 1835 Boston, MA; died 4 Feb 1889 Philadelphia, PA. Married 1861 to Thomas A. Gummey in Trenton, NJ
  4. Susan S. Bird, born 1837 Boston, MA  

IV. Samuel James Bird, born 29 Mar 1805 Dorchester, baptized 28 Jul 1805 in Needham, and died 14 May 1867 Boston. He married 6 May 1830 Julia Ford Lord in Boston, MA. She was born 1812 in Kennebunkport, ME and died 13 Sept 1886 in Newton, MA. She was the daughter of Tobias Lord and Hannah Perkins.

     Children of Samuel Bird and Julia Lord are:

  1. Julia C. Bird, born 1831; died 4 Aug 1919 Brookline, MA. Married John L. Doty 1858 (one son)
  2. Frederick C. Bird, born 1833 in MA; died 10 Sept 1869 Boston, MA. Married Margaret Bagley. (no issue)
  3. Emma Josephine Bird, born 1835 in MA; died 23 Nov 1908 Mansfield, MA. Married Francis W. Bird in 1857 (first cousins) (five children)Isaac M. Bird, born 1837 in MA; died 4 Nov 1865 Boston, MA (never married)
  4. Jane Bird, born 1839. Married John Maloney 1869

V. Martha Bird, born 9 Sept 1807 in Dedham, baptized 17 May 1808 First Church of Dedham and died 8 Mar 1872 in East Walpole, MA. She married 12 Mar 1827 Isaac Perkins South Dedham. He was born 23 Jul 1797 in Ashford, CT and died 25 Apr 1864 in East Walpole, MA. He was the son of William Perkins and Mary Lee.

       Children of Isaac Perkins and Martha Bird are:

  1. George William Perkins, born 31 Mar 1831 Wrentham; died young
  2. Mary Elizabeth Perkins, born 12 Mar 1834 Wrentham, MA; died 9 Apr 1915 East Walpole, MA (Never married)
  3. Julia Bird Perkins, born 1 Aug 1835 Wrentham, MA; died 21 Aug 1917 East Walpole, MA. (never married)
  4. Martha Louisa Perkins, born 6 Feb 1838 North Attleboro, MA; died 9 Feb 1933 Wellesley Hills, MA. (Never married)
  5. George William Perkins, born 1 Jul 1840 North Attleboro, MA; died 10 Aug 1910 Somerville, MA. He married in 1876 Hannah F. Hunchen (one daughter)
  6. Frances N. Perkins, born Apr 1843; died 1934 (never married)
  7. Henry Alphonso Perkins, born 15 Jul 1845 Easton, MA; died 23 Jan 1903 Baldwinsville, MA. Married in 1867 Laura Miller. (six children)
  8. Emma Caroline Perkins, born 4 Dec 1850 North Attleboro, MA; died 28 Feb 1933 Weston, MA.  Married Garrett Schenck, Jr.

VI. Francis William Bird, born 22 Oct 1809 in Dedham, baptized 15 April 1810 First Church of Dedham and died 23 May 1894 in East Walpole, MA. He married (#1) 1 Jan 1834 Rebecca Hill Cooke in Providence, RI. She was born 26 Feb 1811 in Providence, RI and died 5 Feb 1835 in South Walpole. She was the daughter Benoni Cooke and Amey Brown. He married (#2) 20 Jun 1843 Abby Frances Newell in Boston, MA. She was born 19 Dec 1818 and died 29 Nov 1892 in East Walpole. She was the daughter of Joseph Newell and Mary Reynolds.

Francis William Bird (1809-1894)

      Child of Francis W. Bird and Rebecca Hill is:

  1. Rebecca Bird, born Feb 1835 in South Dedham; died 23 Jul 1836 in South Dedham.

      Children of Francis W. Bird and Abby Newell are:

  1. Frances Newell Bird, born 22 Jul 1844 in Walpole; died 30 Sept 1901 Newton, MA Married Horace Dutton in 1873. (three children)
  2. Mary Reynolds Bird, born 5 Jul 1845 in Walpole; died 17 May 1894 East Walpole. (never married)
  3. Francis William Bird, born 25 Feb 1850 in Walpole; died 11 Jul 1874 East Walpole. (never married)
  4. Caroline Augusta Bird, born 9 Jun 1852 in Walpole; died 14 Jul 1922 Liverpool, ENG. Married John C. Plimpton 1881. (three children)
  5. Charles Sumner Bird, born 15 Aug 1855 in East Walpole; died 9 Oct 1927 in East Walpole. Married Anna Julia Child in 1880. (four children)
  6. Rebecca Hill Bird, born 1859 in Walpole; died 19 Dec 1899 in Santa Barbara, CA. Married Harrison H. Child in 1887. (one son)

VII. Julia Bird, born 15 Dec 1811 in Dedham baptized 21 Jun 1812 First Church of Dedham and died 2 May 1835 in South Dedham. She married 23 May 1830 Harrison Greenough Park in South Dedham. He was 28 Jul 1806 in Providence, RI and died 28 Jun 1876 in Norwood, MA. He was the son of Calvin Park and Abigail Ware.

      Children of Harrison Park and Julia Bird are:

  1. Abigail Newell Park, bpt 24 May 1831 South Dedham; died 1920 Mansfield, MA. Married Francis DeWolf.
  2. George Calvin Park, bpt 1 Jul 1832 South Dedham; died 27 Jan 1915 Walpole, MA. Married Angeline Briggs.
  3. Harrison Greenough Park, born 1834 South Dedham; died 26 Nov 1904 Newton, MA.
  4. Wisner Park, born 23 Feb 1835 South Dedham, MA; died 9 Dec 1919 Canton, MA. Married Martha Adelaide Mansfield.

VIII. Elizabeth Bird, born 21 Jun 1814 in Dedham, baptized 4 Sept 1814 First Church of Dedham and died 16 Jan 1882 in Norwood, MA.  She married (int) 2 Jun 1837 Harrison Greenough Park in Walpole, MA. He was 28 Jul 1806 in Providence, RI and died 28 Jun 1876 in Norwood, MA. He was the son of Calvin Park and Abigail Ware.

       Children of Harrison G. Park and Elizabeth Bird are:

  1. Julia Bird Park, born 7 May 1838 Danvers, MA; died 15 Jul 1921. Married John H. Hale.
  2. Ebenezer Burgess Park, born 17 Nov 1839 East Walpole, MA; died 24 Aug 1914 Chanute, KS. Married Jennie Perrine.
  3. Francis William Park, born 10 Mar 1841 in East Walpole, MA; died 27 Sept 1848 Easton, MA.
  4. Henry Martin Bird, born 10 Jul 1843 South Dedham; died 6 Jun 1864.
  5. Montgomery Newell Park, born 6 Feb 1845 South Dedham; died 5 Sept 1866.
  6. Calvin Ware Park, born 22 Jun 1846 Palmer, MA; died 7 Oct 1924 Reading, MA
  7. Francis William Park, born 28 Aug 1849 in Canton, MA; died 17 Sept 1883 South Dedham. Married Addie E. Guy.
  8. Hannah Elizabeth Park, born 3 May 1851 Burlington, MA; died 21 Sept 1851 Burlington, MA.
  9. Arabella Elizabeth Park, born 2 Oct 1853 South Dedham; died 24 Nov 1891. (Never married)

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