A petition on behalf of Peter Makarewicz. 16 committed strangle slayer of Geraldine Annese 15, last November 4 in a garage in the rear of her home on Tremont Street, in which a new trial is sought on the grounds that authorities coerced the youth into confessing the murder, was taken under advisement on Tuesday by the Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts.

The plea for a new trial was filed with the court by Atty Louis Goldstein of Roxbury, who defended the youth during his two weeks’ trial at the Dedham Superior Court where the youthful defendant was found guilty by a jury and sentenced to life Imprisonment.

Makarewicz is now serving his sentence at the Norfolk Prison Colony where he was transferred from the State Prison at Charlestown shortly after his conviction.

In his petition for the new trial now under consideration, Atty. Goldstein said that Dlst. Attorney, Myron N. Lane of Norfolk County and detectives, who questioned the youth after his arrest on November 6, kept at him relentlessly for nine hours and that his client “was so sick and so tired, he couldn’t stand It any longer” and Peter said ‘Yes’ to everything.”

Goldstein also alleged that the prosecution Incensed the jury against his client by showing them colored slides of the victim’s autopsy. “What the jury saw was not performed by this defendant,” Goldstein said.

(All articles originally published in the Norwood Messenger)

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