These news items were the talk of the town on October 7, 1904

Tiot Lodge, I. O. O. F. worked tho initiatory degree Wednesday evening.

Mrs. A. T. Harriott has returned from a month’s stay at Winthrop.

Miss Mattie Russell of Gorham, Me. is visiting relatives on Hoyle Street.

D. J. Coakley is still ill and confined to the house at the present writing.

David Butters has removed from Walpole Street to Washington Street near the subway.

Rev. F. A. Heath of the Baptist church is expected to return home in time to occupy his pulpit on October 16.

The Magnolia Associates will hold a social dance in Temperance Hall this evening. It will be an invitation affair.

Mr. and Mrs. L. A. Arey, Cottage Street, are removing from town this week.

Harry Slier win of W. B. Hastings & Co.’s store is paying a visit to his old home in Jamaica, Vt.

Mr. and Mrs. R. Russell Williamson returned last Saturday from their wedding tour.

Capt. George F. Chase of Fall River and of the steamer Puritan is the guest of L. H. Beaver, Pleasant Street.

The Crusader Club is to give a whist party in Odd Fellows’ hall on the evening of October I8.

A number of people have made use of their own horses and carriages in driving to the Brockton fair this week.

Norwood has as in previous years been largely represented at the Brockton Fair this week.

Mr. and Mrs. Walter Bashford, Railroad avenue, are the happy parents of a baby boy, born List Saturday and weighing eight pounds.

Angus McKinnon and family have removed to Washington Street near Hoyle, this George H. Bateman house, next to the Hotel Hamlin.

Mr. and Mrs. Edson D. Smith have returned from a delightful ten-day trip in the Provinces during which they visited Quebec and Montreal.

Mrs. Emma Bickford of East Walpole has removed to Norwood and will probably occupy one of the tenements in the Guy block.

George H. Gehmann fell from a tree while picking apples last Saturday afternoon and was quite badly injured. He is confined to the house at the present writing.

Miss Gertrude Farnsworth left here last Wednesday for East Orange, N. J. to spend the winter there with friends. While visiting there Miss Farnsworth is to take a special course in music.

The first regular meeting of the Norwood Woman’s Club will be held Tuesday afternoon, Oct. 11, in Odd Fellow’s Hall at 2.30 o’clock. Miss Adeline T. Joyce will give an address on “Fads and Fancies.”

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Charles A. Russell, formerly of Norwood, with his cousin Robert Russell son of a former high school principal and a gentleman friend visited Norwood last Sunday in their way to their college, Wesley on University, Middteborn, Conn.

Next Saturday night’s meeting of George K. Bird post, G.A . It. will be the last to be held in the A. O. U. W. hull. The post fully expects to be installed in its new hall before the meeting next succeeding.

Charles J. Rich slipped on the concrete while nearly in front of the Baptist church last Tuesday evening and sprained his ankle. He had injured it some time ago and it was weak. He is now going about on crutches and may be kept from school for several days.

Some Norwood people may be interested in knowing that one of the distinguished English bishops now visiting Boston, will preach at the Episcopal church in Canton next Sunday evening and another one of these visitors on the Sunday evening succeeding.

T. Lee Halstead has returned from a trip to New Jersey.

Fred Kiley is engaged on a job of civil engineering at Medford

Harry Hantz has returned from a vacation trip to the West.

Edgar Metcalf has entered the employ of W. B. Hastings & Co.

Joseph Dryden started Wednesday for Dorset, Vermont, on a hunting trip of three weeks.

George Upham and family have moved into Adolphus Holton’s new house on Talbot Avenue.

Eugene Ward, an old resident, is quite seriously ill at his home on Phillips Avenue.

Donald G. Barr is removing to the Harlow Pond place, this week, lately vacated by A. F. Power.

Joseph Mitchell is to remove from the Lowell house on Nahatan Street to one near the Universalist church.

Capt. J. Stearns Cushing is with the “Ancients” on their trip to Norfolk, Va., this week.

Mr. and Mrs. A. F. Powers of Maple and Washington Streets removed to Boston this week.

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Clan Stewart A. O. S. 0. gives the first whist party of the season in Conger Hall next Wednesday evening.

Louis Dryden of Warren Street, returned Tuesday from a two weeks’ vacation spent at Muncton, N. B.

A holiday was granted to the High school today to enable pupils and teachers who wished to attend the Brockton fair.

Cornelius Murphy, Walnut Avenue, leaves this week for a vacation trip to New York and may be absent from here for a fortnight or a month.

Quite a number of people from the Norwood Baptist church attended the convention of the Boston West Association at Hyde Park last Wednesday.

Mrs. Dr. Rollins who conducted a sanitarium here in Norwood is to open a hospital in Medford in connection with Dr. Charles R. Draper.

Nahatan Conclave I. O. H. is to hold its fifth-anniversary grand ball in Village Hall on Friday evening, October 21.

The Redemptiouist Missiouers, Rev. Frs. Corr and Guuuing, who lately held a mission here are holding one iu Medfield this week.

Mrs. Charles Norwood of Dorchester, with her sou, Chester, visited her cousin, Mrs. C. O. Congdon, last Sunday.

Commissioner Ware reports that the veterans of the Civil War are now dying at the rate of one hundred each day.

The football game at Prospect Park next Saturday afternoon will be between the Norwood A. C. and the Roxbury A. A.

Miss May Kempton of East Weymouth and Mrs. Marchant of Somerville, wore tho guests of C. O. Coug-dou and family last Saturday and Sunday.

Voters should see their names are ou the voting list. The Registrars will be in session on Thursday evening, Oct. 13 from 7 to 9 o’clock. See registration notice in another column.

The High school pupils feel much pleased and grateful to the School Board for having been granted a special holiday today and quite a large party of them will attend the Brockton Fair.

The opening game of the Norwood football team will be played with the Miltons at Norwood on next Wednesday, October 12. The next game will be with the Walpoles at Walpole on Saturday, October 15.

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Rov. W. J. Sholnr states that the proposed Y. M. O. A. building prospect Cor Norwood has boon by no means abandoned, but believes such a building v ill bo erected within the next year or two, probably on some central site along Washington Street.

The town is now extending Rock Street from Munroo to Lenox streets, a distance of about 1600 feet and is putting in about 688 feet of concrete on Munroo Street. The sidewalks are being re-graded and block stones placed to retain the concrete.

The Norwood Telephone Exchange will in a few days be connected with Boston by an underground system.

Neponset Lodge, N. E. O . P. received a visitation from its D. D. G. W. F. M. Kingsbury of Attleboro and suite, last evening.

j Robert Bradbury, Into of Brookline, has returned to Norwood to live and has re-entered the employ of J. E. Hitch.

Adam C. Bock and Martin Blasonack have gone to Nova Sofia to hunt caribou and moose.

The new board of instruction of the Norwood Literary Club consists of F. G. Allen, Dr. H. Leon Steele, Miss Emily C. Fisher, Mrs. G. H Smith, and Mrs. E. K. Angier. The entertainment committee includes Mrs. John C. Lane, Mrs. H. L. Steele and Mrs. F. G. Allen,

Daniel E. and Jolin F. Callahan have purchased the J. B. Crocker property, Washington Street near Guild Street. It is understood that they will let both the store and the upstairs tenement to other parties.

(Originally published in the Norwood Advertiser and Review)