This Day in Norwood History- September 28


NORWOOD, Sept 28-The new will be dedicated on Armistice Day, Sunday, Nov 11, immediately after the exercises the first carillon concert will be given, and a second concert will be given on the same evening. As the following day is a legal holiday, a third concert will be given on that evening.

Chairman of the Memorial Municipal Building committee has announced the following list of citizens as donors of the fireplace, in honor of Rev George W. Nead, and furnishings and fittings for the memorial halls: , James A. Halloran, Thomas B. Mulvehlll, Carl Johnson, Robert E. Costello, Dr Henry M. Field, Thomas Hayden, James E. Pendergast. Oliver J. Barr, Herbert H. Miller, James M. Folan, Andrew C. Morrow, Nenle P. Morrow, Francis E. Bernier. Daniel E. Callahan, Harry F. Allen, Gladwin M. Nead. Clifford B. Sanborn, William G. Upham, George Bird, Eugene Endicott, Dr Alfred A. Fenton, Dr Edward F. Brennan, Benjamin Cushing, Rev James F. Doherty, Edmund Dalton, Mrs Frank Pales, Mrs John C. Lane, John P. Welch, James H. Murphy, Dr Joseph J. Hagerty, George W. Gay, Louis Orent, Mrs Bernard F. Colburn, Guido A. Stuntxner, Harold W. Baker, Ben-J«min Kneznek, Ernest H. Grant, Edon D. Smith, William T. Whedon, Jennie F. Foley, George H. O’Brien and Theodore E. Gavin.

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