A&P Supermarket In Norwood 1955

An ultra-modern A. & P. supermarket on Route 1, Norwood, featuring all of the latest self-service shopping conveniences, will have its grand opening Wednesday.

Opening day through Saturday will see a $1000 21-inch color TV I and 100 $5 food orders being given away. On opening day a loaf of Jane Parker bread will be given to each customer. Wednesday evening a 10-piece orchestra will provide music for a block dance in the parking lot.

The new store is on the Boston-Providence turnpike at Dean st.. Norwood. It will be open Wednesday. Thursday and Friday evenings of this week until 9 o’clock.

The new manager will be William Haughey, who is currently manager of the A &. P. on Cottage st., Norwood.

Mon, Sep 26, 1955 – 3 · The Boston Globe (Boston, Massachusetts)

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