More than 2500 people visited the new Norwood Hospital at the formal opening yesterday afternoon and evening.

The building committee, composed of John E. Folan, chairman; Phillips Dennett, Richard D. Northrup, Benjamin D. Rogers, and Dr Arthur Hartwell, together with the trustees and the new superintendent. Miss Betty Eicke, formed the reception committee.

A member of the committee was stationed in the operating suite, kitchen, refrigerating plant, laundry, maternity room, etc, to explain the details.

The building cost $250,000, raised by public contribution. A plate In the reception hall reads: “This building is a testimonial of the self-sacrifice and generous public spirit of the people of this vicinity, whose gifts made possible its erection in the year 1926 A D. He loves God best who best loves his fellow men.”

02 Sep 1926, Thu The Boston Globe (Boston, Massachusetts)

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