Old Corner House -Precursor to Norwood Hospital


Norwood Civic Association’s Novel Feature Will Be Officially Dedicated Tomorrow.

Aug 30, 1913—One of the notable Innovations of the Norwood Civic Association will begin its work Monday, Sept 1, when the building known as the Corner House will be opened officially. The Corner House is believed to be the only thing of the kind in the country.

With this institutional work of nursing, emergency hospital, dental clinic and teaching of the household arts, the Norwood Civic Association bids fair to make Norwood the pioneer in a line of civic work that is attracting much attention.

The Corner House stands separate from the great group of the Civic Association buildings. Originally a large double dwelling house, it has been altered by direction of George F. Willet until now it is a three-story and basement building, divided into two parts, the south half being institutional and the north part residential.

The district nurses are to live there and from now on all their calls will be received at the Corner House. An attendant will be in the office to answer all calls both day and night. Miss Belyea and Miss Daley, the district nurses, will carry on their part of the work as in the past. A new graduate nurse assistant has been secured but most of her time will be taken up in the operating room. Miss Elizabeth Ross will be in charge of all the work at the centre.

31 Aug 1913, Sun The Boston Globe (Boston, Massachusetts)

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