This Day in Norwood History-October 6


Measure Has Margin of 257 Ballots.

Duties of Abolished Offices Vested In Selectmen.

Town Manager Important Post in New Regime.

07 Oct 1914, Wed The Boston Globe (Boston, Massachusetts)

NORWOOD, Oct 6—At a special town meeting in Everett Hall today, the new town charter was adopted by a vote of 66 to 43.

The yes and no vote by ballot was on the adoption of an act passed by the last Legislature, entitled “An act to change the time of holding the annual meeting of the town of Norwood, to enlarge the powers and duties of the Selectmen, to abolish certain offices and to provide for the administration of town affairs.”

The annual town meeting was changed to the third Monday in January. The act provides for five Selectmen, abolishes the Municipal Light Commission, Sewer Commission, Water Commission and tree warden, merging their duties in those of the Selectmen, and consolidates the offices of tax collector and town treasurer, also those of town clerk and town accountant.

The most notable feature is the provision for a town manager, to have charge of practically all town work, subject to the Selectmen, by whom he is appointed.

With reference to the adoption of the new charter, George F. Willett, the originator of the Idea of a new charter, said: “The significance of the old system of the new charter is that there is a great body of men in Norwood, who irrespective of political affiliations, are ready to get behind such a movement of public interest.

“It means the development of the town government plant along civic lines.”

James A. Hartshorn, chairman of the Selectmen, sold: “The adoption of the new charter will tend toward greater efficiency in town affairs.”

James A. Halloran, town council, said. “The adoption of the charter marks the beginning of a new era in the administration of Massachusetts town government.”

Frank A. Morrill, a local Progressive, said: “The new charter means progress for Norwood in its highest sense.”

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