This Day in Norwood History-October 4

9 Norwood Firemen, 25 Others Exposed to Radioactivity

Bird & Son Floor Coverings Ad, 1950’s

Sun, Oct 4, 1959 – 26 · The Boston Globe (Boston, Massachusetts)

NORWOOD, Oct. 3 —Nine, firemen and 25 employees of the Bird and Son floor covering plant on Morse st. were quarantined for two hours this afternoon after exposure to radioactivity during a fire at the plant.

The flash fire which broke out shortly after 2 p.m. slightly damaged a radium bar suspended over a machine to catch static electricity.

Slight detection of radioactivity was discovered on clothing worn by the men by James Barton, radiological officer for the Norfolk Civil Defense Agency.

Barton w’as called to the scene with a geiger counter after Fire Lt John Howard learned the radium bar sustained some damage.

Barton ordered the shirts and gloves of some firemen destroyed. He also ordered the men to take a hot shower to wash out any possible radioactivity. Hose lines used were thoroughly scrubbed.

Lt Howard estimated damage at $250.

Firemen examined were Lt. Howard, Robert Stanton, Thomas Falfour, John Collins, Joseph Stonis, Michael Benedetti, Leo Storme, William Gorman and Francis Gotovitch.

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