This Day in Norwood History-October 27


No One at Norwood to Press Charges

NORWOOD, Oct 27, 1938 —Town Manager William C. Kendrick’s exoneration was complete and final tonight when no one appeared before the Board of Selectmen at a public hearing in Town Hall to press charges on which he was suspended from office two months ago.

The suspension had resulted in the recall of three Selectmen who had originally made the charges.
Chairman Charles E. Houghton, elected to replace one of those recalled, opened the meeting before an overflow crowd of 75 and asked if John Mutch, Sture Nelson and Herbert V. Brady, those recalled, were present and wished to be heard.

There was no answer, and he asked if Fire Chief Alonzo N. Earle or Deputy Chief Louis K. Parker were present. Again no answer. Asked if they had anything to say regarding the removal and charges Thomas U. Mahoney and Charles E. Nicholson, members of the Planning Board, declared Kendrick had always been cooperative with the board. Several of the charges against Kendrick were that he failed to cooperate with the Fire Department, Planning Board and Board of Selectmen.

Chairman Houghton then said the town manager himself could proceed with the hearing. Attorney Samuel P. Sears, counsel for Kendrick, stated: “Mr. Kendrick has answered all the charges in a public , meeting before 1200 citizens prior to the recall election. Those who have seen fit to make the charges have failed to appear to press them, and it seems to me that there is no reason for Mr. Kendrick to go through the complete denial again.

Chairman Houghton promptly declared the meeting closed.

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