When Charles’ Santoro. 31, of 211 Winslow avenue. Norwood. reports for duly with the signal corps Nov. 5. Uncle Sam will not only get him as a recruit, but will gain 50 more when Santoro offers his 50 prize homing pigeons to the government. Santoro is an expert pigeon fancier and will ask the government to let him be the custodian and trainer of his flock of high flying homing pigeons, which are considered to be of the finest breed obtainable.

Included in the flock to be offered the signal corps will be “Miss Boston.’’ Santoros champion breeder and flyer. “Miss Boston” is well known among racing pigeon fanciers, having twice won the Boston combine race, once a 100-mile route and again over a 300-mile course while racing against over 1000 other entries. Santoro stated yesterday that his binds are priceless, but that he is offering them to the government free. The pigeons are now at a secret coop in »w Bedford, where they arc being groomed and readied for their entry into Uncle Sam’s military service.