This Day in Norwood History-October 18

Leaps to Death From 31st Floor of New York Hotel

Woman Registered as Mrs. Charles J. Prescott of Norwood Scribbles Farewell Note With Lipstick Before Taking Fatal Plunge Today.

New York. Oct. 18—(A.P.)—Scribbling a farewell note with a lipstick, a woman who had registered a few minifies earlier as Mrs. Charles J. Prescott of Norwood, Mass., jumped to her death today from a window on the 31st floor of the Hotel New Yorker.

The woman, who was apparently about 28 years old, registered at 7:45 a. m. at the tall hotel at the corner of Eighth avenue and 34th street, close to the Pennsylvania station. Three quarters of an hour later her body crashed onto a five story extension and the scarlet note, written on a piece of hotel stationery, was found in her room.

The note, which was not addressed to anyone, read:

“I don’t like you. This is the best way out. Make the most of every little moment.”

In a small overnight bag police found a Massachusetts automobile license issued to Beatrice Prescott, about $8, and several clippings referring to friendship and loneliness.

The clippings were all from Atlanta, Ga., newspapers. One marked passage read: “When men and women lose their mates after years of companionship they are dumbfounded and they face a world of emptiness.” Another read: “Every person is entitled to a certain amount of happiness in life.”

In the bag there was also a gold ring with the inscription “C.’J. P.. Jr. to F. G. Nov. 6. 1926.” The first letter in the second set of initials was indistinct and police thought it might be a “P” or a “B” instead of an “F.

Police believed from their investigation that the woman took off her hat and coat as soon as she entered the room and then sat down to write her farewell note. After this was finished, apparently grasping two white carnations in her hand she leaped from the high window. The two crushed flowers were found beneath her body when it was lifted from the roof of the extension.

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