This Day in Norwood History-October 12


Plant to Cost $1,500,000 Awaits Voters’ Approval

Sat, Oct 13, 1934 – 4 · The Boston Globe (Boston, Massachusetts)

NORWOOD, Oct 12—The voters of Norfolk County will decide at the election next month whether or not this town will have the most elaborate race track in the country at the site of the present Norwood Airport Negotiations between the airport officials and a leading group of horsemen in the State who are prepared to put $1,500,000 into the building of one of the most modern tracks in the country, have been completed and it now rests upon the vote on the pari-mutuel bill.

The track will be easily accessible to a great number of people and there will be ample parking space on the grounds for thousands of cars. The new route 1 between Boston and Providence runs only a quarter of a mile from the track on the westerly side and a spur road of six lanes of cement will connect the highway to the field.

On the north, another spur road will be built from route 128, which connects the entire Cape section with the new Boston to Worcester Turnpike.

The east side of the field is bounded by the New York, New Haven & Hartford Railroad. A spur track of only 300 yards will bring the trains to the rear of the proposed grandstand.

The erection of the track here Instead of at the side of the old Readville race track, famous during the days of the trotting horse, which is only two miles from this site, is believed to be because of the easy accessibility to the Norwood field and the spacious parking facilities.

This town, Canton and Dedham will benefit materially by the erection of a track on the site and it will provide a great increase in assessable property for the town. Voters in this section seem to be solidly behind the movement and the vote from this and surrounding towns is expected to be overwhelmingly in favor of the passing of the pari-mutuel bill.

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