This Day In Norwood History-November 6

War Conditions Cause Change In South End Hardware Hours

November 6, 1942 – the Norwood Messenger

War is taking Its toll in lives and materials, and recognizing those facts, civic proponent Nick Abdallah has announced that the South End Hardware Co. will not open in the morning hours. The new hours will be from 12 noon to 11 at night.

Rotund, jovial Nick told a Messenger reporter most persons do not or cannot realize the seriousness of this country’s position in the terrific war that lies ahead.

Maybe, Nick said, we could go on operating under the war lime restrictions. Maybe too, the astute South Norwood businessman said, we can’t “Even if I could wade through this struggle and sell every dime’s worth in the store. I still would feel like a heel unless I could personally do something constructive toward winning the war.” That’s the words of the one-time grand Shaman of Norwood sporting and civic life.
Here’s how it figures, according to Nick. First call and first served in the matter of nails, paints, varnishes, shells, pots, pans, hammers, hand saws, bands saws, wrenches, cutlery utensils and metal repair parts Is the government. To the government goes the cream, the broad, grinning merchant said yesterday.

His problem is one of keeping his word. In the future the store will open at noon and close A- 11 p.m. No more lengthy hours for anybody, he claims. If the government needs and wants our paints, oils, hammers, saws, wrenches , or whatever it wants they can have with welcome anything the South End Hardware Company has. “We will not deviate from this policy.” Nick said yesterday. “Maybe we, down here. in the South End of Norwood may go broke. Maybe we will, but if we do, we’ll know full well there is no more United States of America.’’ “Well, Nick said, “I think there will always be a U. S. A. It’s my country, and whatever I have the government can have.”

All this pre-supposes the civilian will be given a short-cut. Nick said yesterday that he has had customers trading with him for close to 50 years. “They’ll not only understand,’* Nick said, ‘’they’ll appreciate and cooperate.”

Long hours are out for the South End Hardware Company. It’s true. Nick said, that many materials cannot be reproduced during the emergency. There are many household and hardware items that have been frozen.

“Oh. I’ve heard words of complaint and disappointment,” Nick said, “but I’ve never heard one single person who said he’d rather have the stuff for his own use, than give it to the government.”

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