This Day In Norwood History-November 3


Special Town Meeting in Emergency

03 Nov 1923, Sat The Boston Globe

NORWOOD, Nov 3, 1923-The action of the Norwood School Committee, in closing the Everett School, one of the oldest schools In the town, is creating considerable comment.

The board voted to close the Everett School, after it had been investigated by the State Building Inspector. The reason Is understood to be that the building is a fire hazard and menace to children.

The school was closed on the following day and the 270 children attended their classes in the basement of the Norwood High School, from 1 until after 5, a double shift being necessary on account of the High School basement being already in use at a morning session.

, chairman of the School Board, is a member of the faculty of Boston University, having recently taken a leave of absence from that institution.

The Board of Selectmen at their meeting have ordered a special town meeting, to be held during the week of Nov 12, to consider the matter of general school requirements. The board proposes to spend $100,000 a year for the next five years on additional school equipment, and of this sum $200,000 Is required immediately.

The investigation of Inspector calls for repairs that would cost approximately $40,000, but the board decided to close the building and appeal to a special town meeting.

Many of the town schools are now working on a two-shlft basis. One batch goes to school from 8 until shortly after noon. Another group goes from 1 until 5 in the evening.

The town meeting, which will probably be held Nov. 15 or 16. Is bound to be one of the most interesting In years. Judge , town moderator, will preside.

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